‘Urea Gold’ Fertiliser

Recently, the Indian Prime Minister officially launched ‘Urea Gold’ fertiliser‘, a new variety of Urea, developed by Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd (RCF). during an event in Rajasthan’s Sikar.

About Urea Gold

  • It is a new variety of Urea coated with Sulphur.
  • Urea Gold is created by infusing urea with sulfur, creating a composite fertilizer with 37% nitrogen (N) and 17% sulfur (S).
  • It is being introduced to address the Sulphur deficiency in soil and save input costs for the farmers.
  • Urea Gold surpasses the existing Neem-coated urea in terms of both economic viability and efficiency.

What Makes Urea Gold Superior to Other Products?

  • The availability and uptake of nitrogen by crops are improved by urea that has been coated with sulphur.
  • The sulfur coating on urea enables a gradual release of nitrogen, leading to prolonged nutrient availability.
  • Humic acid is added to Urea Gold to further increase the fertilizer’s shelf life.
  • This product minimizes the amount of fertiliser used overall while also replacing conventional urea consumption.
  • The paper claims that 15 kg of Urea Gold has benefits equivalent to those of 20 kg of traditional urea, making it a more sensible and useful option for farmers.
  • The gradual release of nutrients minimizes wastage and enhances the nutrient uptake by plants, ultimately translating into enhanced productivity.