The State Legislature One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 What is the ‘quorum’ required in the State Legislature to hold a meeting? Ten members or one-tenth of the total members of the House, whichever is greater
2 Which Article of the Constitution of India, the Chief Minister is appointed by the Governor of a State? Article 164
3 Who is the Upper Chamber of State Legislatures in India? Legislative Council
4 What is the period for the Legislative Council to detain the ordinary bills? 4 months
5 In which assembly of States, money Bills are proposed? Only in the Legislative Assembly
6 No money Bill can be introduced in the Assembly of a State, except on the recommendations of – The Governor of the State
7 Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides the provision of Vidhan Parishad in the State? Article 171
8 What is the right method to establish or cancel the second chamber in states?
Proposal in Legislative Assembly with full majority along with law passed by Parliament
9 Who cannot be dissolved but abolished? Legislative Council
10 In any State of India, the Legislative Council can be created or can be abolished by –
The Parliament as per Resolution passed by the Legislative Assembly of the State
11 The provisions for the creation and abolition of Legislative Councils in any State is included in the Indian Constitution under – Article 169
12 Who held the post of Protem Speaker, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly? Poonam Chand Vishnoi
13 How many members are nominated in the Legislative Council of Uttar Pradesh by the State Governor? 1/10 of the total members
14 Which State of India does not have a Legislative Council so for even though the Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act, 1956 provides for it? Madhya Pradesh
15 Which Article of the Indian Constitution consists of the provision of the election of Legislative Assemblies of States – Article 170
16 What can be the maximum number of members in the Legislative Assembly of a State in India? 500
17 What can be the minimum strength of the Council of Ministers including the Chief Minister in the States? 12
18 Who conducts the State Assembly Elections? Election Commission of India
19 Which state has the maximum number of members in the Legislative Assembly? Uttar Pradesh
20 What is the minimum age limit prescribed for the membership of Legislative Assembly? 25 years
21 If the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of a State wants to resign, he will give his resignation to – Deputy Speaker
22 How long can a Minister continue without being elected to the State Assembly? Six Months
23 Pay and allowances of the Ministers of a State Government are determined by the – State Legislative Assembly
24 Who prorogues the Vidhan Sabha of a State? Governor
25 Which State has proposed reservations for Muslims in jobs and education? Andhra Pradesh
26 Which is the only State in India to have the Common Civil Code? Goa
27 How many reorganized States had Bicameral Legislatures in 1956? 6
28 Accounts of the States are controlled by the – Comptroller and Auditor General
29 The ‘Contingency Fund’ of the State is operated by – The governor
30 Which Article of the Constitution defines the duties of the Chief Minister? Article 167
31 The tenure of Jammu and Kashmir’s Chief Minister is – 5 Years
32 Which Indian state had the first woman Chief Minister? Uttar Pradesh
33 The 1st Woman Chief Minister of an Indian State was – Sucheta Kriplani
34 The nomenclature of the Executive Head of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir was changed from Sadar-e-Riyasat to Governor in 1965 by –
The 6th Amendment in the State Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir
35 Who is responsible for establishing ‘the Contingency Fund of the State’? The Legislature of the State