Constitutional Amendment One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The President’s power to veto a Bill for amendment of the Constitution has been taken away by substituting the word ‘shall give his assent’ by which amendment? 24th Amendment
2 Which Bill must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately by the special majority? Constitution Amendment Bill
3 The Indian Constitution can be amended under the provisions of – Article 368
4 Which Article of the Constitution of India lays down the procedure for the amendment of the Constitution? Article 368
5 Amendments to the Constitution may be initiated in – Either House of the Parliament
6 A bill for the amendment in the Indian Constitution can be presented – In the Supreme Court of India
7 When was the first Bill for the amendment of the Indian Constitution presented? 1951
8 The First Constitution Amendment Bill passed in 1951 was related to – Protection of agrarian reforms in certain States
9 The Ninth Schedule to the Indian Constitution was added by – First Amendment
10 The 93rd Constitution Amendment Bill deals with the –
Free and compulsory education for all children between the ages of 6 and 14 years
11 ‘Right to Education’ introduced through the 86th Amendment came into force in which year? 2010
12 By which Constitutional Amendment OBCs have been given 27 percent reservation in the admission to educational institutions? 93rd
13 Which Constitutional Amendment Act dealing with the National Judicial Appointments Commission, was declared unconstitutional by the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court? 99th Constitutional Amendment Act
14 By which amendment of the Indian Constitution, the term ‘Co-operative Societies’ was added in Article 19(1) (c)? 97th Amendment Act, 2011
15 By Which Constitutional Amendment Delhi became a ‘National Capital Region’? 69th Amendment
16 Which amendment has banned floor crossing by the member elected on a party ticket to the legislature? 52nd Constitutional Amendment Act
17 Which Constitutional Amendment introduced the anti-defection provision in the Constitution for the first time? 52nd Amendment
18 The authoritative text of the Indian Constitution in Hindi was authorized to be published by which constitutional amendments? 58th Amendment, 1987
19 Which Amendment to the Constitution is related to the Lowering of the age of voters? 61st Amendment
20 The 79th Amendment of the Indian Constitution is related to –
Reservation of SCs and STs in the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies
21 The basic structure theory of the Constitution of India implies that –
Certain features of the Constitution are so essential to it that they cannot be abrogated
22 The Supreme Court of India enunciated the doctrine of the ‘Basic Structure of the Constitution’ in which case? The Kesavananda Bharati case in 1973
23 In India, who is competent to amend the Fundamental Rights of the citizens? Parliament
24 In which case the Supreme Court limited the power of Parliament to amend the Constitution for the first time? Golaknath Vs.The State of Punjab
25 Which Constitutional Amendment Act was termed as Mini Constitution? 42nd
26 By which Amendment of the Constitution of India forests were transferred from the State list to the Concurrent List ? 42nd
27 Which Amendment of the Constitution provides that no law passed to give effect to Directive Principles of State Policy contained in Articles 39(b) & (c) shall be deemed to be void on the ground that it abridges the rights conferred by Articles 14 and 19? 25th Amendment
28 Which Constitutional Amendment is related to the Fundamental Duties? 42nd
29 Which Constitutional Amendment bifurcated the Combined National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes into two separate bodies? 89th Amendment
30 When were the Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution? In the 42nd Constitutional Amendment, 1976
31 The Constitution (98th Amendment) Bill is related to – Constitution of the National Judicial Commission
32 How many Constitutional Amendments in India have been implemented up to 2013? 98
33 By which Constitutional Amendment the number of Central Ministers has been limited to 15% of the total number of the members of the Lok Sabha? 91st Amendment
34 Sikkim became a new State by which amendment? 36th Amendment of the Constitution
35 Mizoram has been granted the status of a State by which Constitutional Amendment? 53rd
36 Which Amendment to the Constitution inserted a new Article 21 A in the Constitution providing Right to Education? 86th Amendment
37 President Ram Nath Kovind granted assent to which Constitutional Amendment Act on 18th August 2021? 105th