Taxonomy: Classification of Organism One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 In terms of numbers, the largest found and identified species so far is from among – Insects
2 Bacteria can be seen by – Compound microscope
3 The smallest organism, capable of autonomous growth and reproduction, is – Mycoplasma
4 Warm-blooded animals are those that are able to keep their body temperature – Constant temp. all time
5 Which creatures have no blood but respires ? Hydra
6 How many bones are in Shark Fish? 0
7 Which is the largest mammal? Whale
8 From which group does the whale belongs– Mammals
9 The Mammal capable in flying is – Bat
10 Dolphins are classified in – Mammals
11 Seal is the species of – Mammals
12 Amphibia are – Animals living equally in water and on land both
13 Which organism breaths from skin ? Frog
14 During the metamorphosis of frog – Intestine is shortened
15 Gavialis crocodiles are mostly found in? Ganga
16 Which is an atrocious animal? Otter
17 Which varieties of dogs is unable to bark ? Dingo
18 The bear commonly performing on streets is – Sloth bear
19 Which separate a man/human from apes? Evince a desire to learn
20 Smallest man-like ape is – Gibbon
21 The Panda belongs to the same family as that of – Bear
22 Three chambered heart is found in – Amphibians
23 Kiwi is – Flightless bird found only in New Zealand
24 Octopus is – A mollusc
25 The largest invertebrate is – Squid
26 White leg-horn is a variety of – Fowl
27 Ticks and mites are actually – Arachnids
28 Termites are also known as – White ants
29 Glow-worm is – An insect
30 The presence of parasites within parasites is a phenomenon known as – Hyperparasitism
31 Spiders are different from insects because they have – Eight legs
32 The silk produced by spiders is called – Gossamer silk
33 At which stage in its life cycle, does the silkworm yield the fibre of commerce? Pupa
34 Silkworm grows on – Mulberry leaves
35 How do most insects respire ? By tracheal system
36 Which is a filter feeder? Oyster
37 In which kinds of organisms is the phenomenon found wherein the female kills the male after copulation? Honeybee
38 King Cobra is the only snake that makes its own nest.Why does it make its nest?
It is an oviparous snake that lays its eggs in the nest and guards the nest until they are hatched
39 The only snake that builds a nest is – King Cobra
40 The venom of cobra is – Neurotoxic
41 Which Snake’s diet mainly composed of other snakes? King Cobra
42 Poison gland of snakes is homologous to – Salivary gland of vertebrates
43 Poisonous fangs of a snake are modified form of – Maxillary teeth
44 Plants growing on rocks are called – Lithophytes
45 Which is an insectivorous plant? Flame of the forest
46 Which parts of the pitcher plants become modified into a pitcher? Leaf
47 Nependthes khasiana a rare and endangered plant is found in – Meghalaya
48 Turmeric is obtained from which part of the plant – Stem
49 Which is the eatable part of the turmeric plant? Stem
50 Which of the underground-produced vegetables is a modified root? Sweet Potato
51 Ginger is a stem and not root because – It has nodes and internodes
52 Potato is a – Tuber
53 Pea plant is Herb
54 Clove is a – Closed buds
55 A clove represents to which of the following? Flower bud
56 Which one of the spices is a flower bud? Clove
57 ‘Cloves’ are – Dried flowers
58 Cloves are obtained from which of the following parts of the plant? Dried flower buds
59 Clove, a spice, is obtained from which part of the plant? Flower bud
60 A plant bud is – An embryonic shoot
61 Saffron is dried mixture of – Seed forming parts of flower
62 Which of the parts of the potato is edible? Stem
63 The type of fruit in which lychee can be placed in – Drupe
64 The characteristic odour of garlic is due to – A sulphur compound
65 Pungency in chillies is due to the presence of – Capsaicin
66 Red chillies are hot because these contain – Capsaicin
67 The cause of sweet taste in fruits is – Fructose
68 Desert plants have longer root system because – Roots grow in search of water
69 Deserts have phreatophytes, i.e., plants that have – Long (20-30 ft) tap roots
70 Plants adapted to dry climate are known as – Xerophyte
71 Desert plants are generally – Succulent
72 Epiphytes are plants which depend on other plants for – Mechanical support
73 Plants which grow on saline soils are – Halophytes
74 A hydrophyte is – An aquatic plant
75 Fishes survive under the frozen lake, because – Water does not freeze near bottom
76 After bringing out of the water fish die, because – They cannot breathe
77 Fish generally breathe through – Gills
78 Redness in apple is due to – Anthocyanin
79 Red color in tomato is due to – Lycopene
80 The yellow colour of papaya is due to – Caricaxanthin
81 Yeast is an example of – Fungus
82 Yeast and mushrooms are – Fungi
83 What is a mushroom? Fungi
84 Mushroom used in for making juicy vegetable is a – Fungus
85 ‘Mycorrhiza’ is a symbiotic association between Fungi and plants
86 Lichen are the complex creature, made from- Fungi and Algae
87 Lichens, which are capable of initiating ecological succession even on a bare rock, are actually a symbiotic association of – Algae and fungi
88 Lichen are the complex creature, made from – Fungi and Algae
89 The interaction between algae and fungi to form lichen is called – Mutualism
90 Nitrogen-fixing bacteria present in the nodules of the root of leguminous plant are – Symbiotic
91 Major component of cotton is – Cellulose
92 Noscapine is obtained from – Poppy
93 Heroin is obtained from – Opium poppy
94 We get morphine from – Fruit
95 Opium is obtained from – Latex from unripe fruit
96 Opium is obtained from which part of the poppy plant ? Unripe Fruits
97 The main constituent of opium is – Morphine
98 What is the botanical name of opium? Papaver Somniferum
99 Opium is of which category medicine? Depressant