Space Technology (Part II) One Liner Questions & Answers


Sr. no. Questions Answers
1 Indian Institute of Remote Sensing is situated – In Dehradun
2 Thumba known as the rocket launching station is situated in – Kerala
3 Sriharikota Island lies near – Pulicat lake
4 In February 2004 a blast occurred in India’s Space Centre at – Shriharikota
5 The ‘Black Box’ of an airplane is of – Orange color
6 On which date did Chandrayan enter the lunar orbit? 8 November
7 The name of the spacecraft for India’s mission moon is – Chandrayan-I & Chandrayan-II
8 CHANDRAYAN-I was launched from – Andhra Pradesh
9 The Project Director of Chandrayaan-2 is – Dr. M. Annadurai
10 Which Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle was used by ISRO to launch the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft? GSLV-MKIII-M1
11 What is the name of the world’s first private flight plan to go on the moon? Moon Express
12 Tianwen-1 is – Spacecraft of China
13 In August 2016, China developed a system nicknamed ‘Micius’ which is – A quantum satellite communication system
14 Recently, ISRO and CNES signed an agreement to set up a joint maritime surveillance system. CNES is a space agency of which country? France
15 Recently which space agency successfully launched the world’s smallest satellite-carrying rocket? JAXA
16 NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is located in – Pasadena
17 What is ‘Greased Lightning-10 (GL-10)’, recently in the news? Electric plane tested by NASA
18 Which spacecraft of NASA has confirmed the presence of water on the moon? SOFIA
19 NASA’s Deep Impact space mission was employed to take detailed pictures of which comet nucleus? Temple-1
20 What is the name of the NASA vehicle on Mars? Phoenix
21 The first U.S. rover which reached Mars in January 2004 was – Spirit
22 According to NASA, the evidence for the presence of life on Mars found till today include – Water, gypsum and methane
23 Methane is present in the atmosphere of – Mars & Jupiter
24 The fuel tanks of the spacecraft ‘Discovery’ that was launched into space on July 4, 2006 was filled with – Mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen
25 Apollo-8 was launched for space exploration on – December 21, 1968
26 On which principle, a Jet Engine works? Conservation of linear momentum
27 Satellite is the – High-altitude airship positioned in the stratosphere
28 Cryogenic temperature stands for temperatures – Below -150°C
29 Low temperatures (cryogenics) find application in – Space travel, magnetic levitation, and telemetry
30 Cryogenic engines and application in – Rocket technology
31 Cryogenic engines use –
Liquid oxygen as the oxidizer and liquid hydrogen as the fuel.
32 The Cryogenic engine is used in – Space shuttle
33 An artificial satellite can be tracked very precisely from the Earth by using – Doppler effect
34 In September 2002, India launched – METSAT
35 India’s advanced communication satellite GSAT-8 was launched on May 21, 2011, from – Kourou
36 The Indian GSAT-7 satellite is exclusively meant for – Military communication
37 ISRO has successfully launched the GSAT-6A satellite from which rocket vehicle? GSLV-F08
38 In the context of space technology, what is ‘BHUVAN’, which is recently in the news? A geoportal of ISRO with 3-D imaging capabilities.