South Indian Rivers One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The Narmada Valley lies between which mountain ranges? Satpura and Vindhyachal
2 Which characteristic feature is appropriate for Narmada river? Structural origin
3 Which rivers passes through a rift valley? Narmada and Tapi
4 Which river originates at Amarkantak? River Narmada
5 Narmada Valley is an example of – Rift Valley
6 Narmada river originates – Amarkantak
7 The river which flows through a fault trough, is? Narmada River
8 Which west-flowing rivers flows between two mountain ranges? Narmada
9 The River ‘Tawa’ is a tributary of – Narmada
10 Which river thrice forks into two streams and reunites a few miles farther on, thus forming the islands of Srirangapatnam, Sivasamudram, and Srirangam? The Cauvery River
11 The source of the Cauvery River lies in – Brahmagiri Hills
12 River Cauvery flows through –
Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
13 Which river is called the Ganga of the South? Cauvery
14 Which river linking was undertaken? Godavari and Krishna
15 Which Indian river forms an estuary? Tapti
16 Son, Narmada, and Mahanadi originate from – Amarkantak
17 Which river forms its delta in Odisha? Mahanadi
18 Which religious place is situated on the confluence of Mand and Mahanadi? Chandrahasini Devi
19 Amritdhara waterfall is on which river? Hasdeo river
20 Which is the longest river of Peninsular India? Godavari
21 The second largest river basin of India is – Godavari Basin
22 The longest peninsular river of India is – Godavari
23 Chandra and Bhaga rivers in flow through the region –
Tandi in the Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh