Social Media Ethics: Ethical Issues that Social Media Faces Today


  • Social media ethics refers to the value, moral and belief the social media upholds. It is concerned with the use of social.manner in the right way in right perspective, right purpose and for upholding the right cause.
  • Social media has been penetrated to the lowest strata of society and it’s widespread linkage has been used by hacktivist and cyber dissidents to uphold various causes plauging the society.
  • Along with this there is also widespread misuse of social media which gave rise to various ethical issues

Ethical Issues

Financial frauds 

  • People are becoming victim of online scam through social media.

Violation of human rights 

  • Online teasing, cyber bullying, recent blue whale game has resulted into death of innocent children.

Online abuse 

  • It is used for defamation and slander to trample the dignity of individual for political and personal purposes.


  • People spent hours and hours on social media. It decreases their productive capacity.

Hamper social relationships

  • Social media lowers social contacts which deters personality development. The lack of social cohesion comes with other issues as well.

Radicalisation tool

  • It has been used by terrorist outfits to radicalise populace, particularly youth and recruit them as terrorist. Lone wolf attack have altered the security aspect significantly in recent years.
  • The ethical issues like unintended targetting of specific groups by the security agencies and resulting backlash will involve huge ethical dimension.

Propaganda tool 

  • Though social media has been a great avenue to engage people in political discourse, the use by various political parties and organisations in a polarising manner can also cause havoc.
  • It can be averted by good interventions during education days with proper humanistic education.


Social media needs to be used in a ethical manner so that problem are solved rather than created . Government  and civil society besides should work together to curb the unethical use of social media in the country so that various tenets which are country upholds should not get violated.

Question for Answer Writing

Q:What do you understand by social media ethics? Discuss the major ethical issues that social media faces today.

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