Sikhism One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Who had Guru Nanak appointed his successor? Guru Angad
2 Which was declared as his successor by Guru Nanak? Lehna
3 The city of Amritsar in Punjab was established by – Guru Ramdas
4 To which Sikh Guru, Akbar donated 500 Bighas of land? Ramdas
5 Which Sikh Guru helped rebel prince Khusrau with shelter and wealth – Guru Arjun Dev
6 Who compiled “Adi Granth or Guru Granth Saheb”? Guru Arjun Dev
7 Aurangzeb is responsible for which Sikh prophet’s death? Guru Tegh Bahadur
8 At which places is a famous Sikh Gurudwara located? Hem Kund
9 Which Sikh Guru was born in Patna? Gobind Singh
10 Nanded is considered sacred by Sikhs due to whose Mausoleum? Guru Gobind Singh
11 Guru Gobind Singh’s greatness lies in the fact that – He formed the military order of Sikhs
12 How many years ago Khalsa Panth started? 300
13 Which Sikh Gurus instituted the Khalsa Panth? Guru Gobind Singh
14 Under which Sikh Guru the Sikhs were transformed into the ‘Khalsa’? Guru Govind Singh
15 Who was the last prophet of Sikhs? Guru Gobind Singh
16 The original name of Banda Bahadur was – Lachhman Dev
17 The last king of the Sikh Kingdom was – Daleep Singh