Power Resources of India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Uran is a gas-based power project in – Maharashtra
2 The largest source of energy in India is – Coal
3 The highest share in power generation in India is of – Thermal power
4 The superthermal electricity plant established by National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) in West Bengal is situated at – Farakka
5 The Neyveli thermal power plant is fed by – Tertiary coal
6 Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station is located in – Andhra Pradesh
7 With the help of which country, The thermal Power Centre at Obra was established? Russia
8 The thermal power plant of Bokaro is located in – Jharkhand
9 In which place was the first Nuclear Power Station established in India? Tarapur
10 In the year 2006-2007, the share of nuclear energy generated in India in the total energy generated was – Less than 3%
11 Russia has agreed to install how many units of nuclear reactors in Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant? 6
12 Kundankulam Nuclear Power Plant is being established in – Tamil Nadu
13 India is constructing its 25th Nuclear Plant at – Rawat Bhata (Rajasthan)
14 The twentieth nuclear power station in India is – Kaiga (Karnataka)
15 ‘Mithivirdi’ Nuclear Power Plant will be set up in collaboration with which country? USA
16 Anushakti Vidyut Nigam Limited is a joint venture of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India and – NTPC
17 Rana Pratap Sagar Hydro Electricity Station is situated at – Kota
18 Jawahar Sagar Hydroelectricity Project is situated on which river? Chambal
19 Which state has the highest potential for the development of solar energy? Rajasthan
20 For which plant Satara is well known? Wind Energy Plant
21 The biggest wind energy project in Asia with a capacity of 150 megawatts is located in india is – Tamil Nadu
22 Which is the main area for production “Tidal Energy”? Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay)
23 Which state of India rank first in installed capacity and generation of electricity? Gujarat
24 In India, per capita consumption of energy in 1994 was – 243 kg. of oil equivalent
25 Rampura, which became the first village in India to have its solar power plant, is situated in – Uttar Pradesh
26 The power plant of Manikaran based on geothermal energy is in the State of – Himachal Pradesh