Major Industries in India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 What is used for manufacturing stainless steel? Chromium & Nickel
2 Stainless steel is an alloy of – Iron and Chromium
3 In India, the steel production industry requires the import of – Coking coal
4 The local supply of coal is not available to – VSL, Bhadravati
5 TISCO plant is located near – Tatanagar
6 Bhilai Steel Plant is a collaborative project of the Indian government and – Russia
7 Bokaro Steel Plant was constructed with the collaboration of – Russia
8 Which group of steel plants were established in India after independence? Bhilai, Durgapur, Rourkela
9 In which city of India, the first synthetic rubber plant of the country was set up? Panipat
10 Which industry is an ancient industry in India? Cotton Textile
11 In cement production at the global level (2010) India stands – Second
12 Which industry uses limestone as a principal raw material? Cement
13 Dalmianagar of Bihar is famous for – Cement
14 Where was the first fertilizer plant in India set up? Sindri
15 Nepanagar is related to which industry? Newsprint paper
16 India’s largest petrochemical factory is situated in the state of – Gujarat
17 The Steel Authority of India was established in the year – 1973
18 In which area the first cotton textile factory had begun in 1818 – Fort Gloster in West Bengal
19 The Granite Polishing Industry of JSMDC is located at – Tupudana (Ranchi)
20 Which place in Punjab is known for the hosiery industry? Ludhiana
21 Which industry is the maximum consumer of water in India? Thermal power
22 Cross border oil pipeline inaugurated by P.M. Modi in September 2019 connects which cities? Motihari and Amlekhganj
23 Where in Uttar Pradesh is located the State Leather Development and Marketing Corporation? Agra
24 Where is located the largest centre of petrochemical production? Jamnagar
25 The largest number of cotton mills in Tamil Nadu are found in – Coimbatore
26 Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh is known for – Automobile
27 Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers Ltd. Diesel Engine Plant is located at – Ranchi