Post-Mauryan / Pre-Gupta Period One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answer
1 Both Sankarshana and Vasudeva are depicted on the coins of which of the following rulers? Agathocles
2 Who was not a contemporary of the other three? Who
3 The earliest specimen of the ‘Kavya’ style is found in the inscription of – Rudradaman of Kathiawar
4 Which inscription tells about the various achievements of Rudradaman-I? Junagadh
5 Who renovated Sudarshan Lake without using forced labor? Rudradaman-I
6 Sixteen coins of King Menander have been found from which of the following sites? Bairat
7 The largest number of copper coins in northern and northwestern India were issued by? Kushans
8 Who issued gold coins regularly in ancient India? Kushan
9 Buddha is depicted on the coins of – Kanishka
10 Who introduced gold coins for regular use in India? Vima Kadphises
11 Who first issued gold coins on a large scale? Vima Kadphises
12 Which God is found depicted on Yaudheya coins? Kartikeya
13 What is the date of the Sarnath Buddhist image inscription of Kanishka? 81 A.D.
14 In which year, the coronation of Kushan king Kanishka was held? 78 A.D.
15 When was Saka Samvat initiated? 78 A.D.
16 How much is the year difference between the Saka Samvat and Vikram Samvat? 135 years
17 Chaitra 1 of the national calendar based on the Saka The era corresponds to which one of the following dates of the Gregorian calendar in a normal year of 365 days? 22nd March (or 21st March)
18 When was Vikram Samvat started? 57 B.C.
19 Which will be the year of Saka Samvat in December 2009? 1931
20 Ashvaghosha was a contemporary of – Kanishka
21 The ancestors of Shungas originated from? Ujjain
22 Which dynasty ruled over India after the Shunga dynasty? Kanva
23 Which dynasty was most powerful after Maurya in Southern India – Satavahana
24 Simuka was the founder of which of the following dynasties? Satavahana
25 Which Chinese general had defeated Kanishka? Pan Chao
26 Which dynasty empire was expanded even outside of India? Kushan dynasty
27 The institution of child marriage started in which period? Kushan period
28 The art of Gandhara style flourished during the reign of – Kushans
29 Bamiyan of Afghanistan was famous for – Buddha statue
30 The art style which combines Indian and Greek features is called – Gandhara
31 The Gandhara School of Art is the synthesis of – Indian and Greek Art
32 Which sculptures invariably used green schist as the medium? Gandhara sculptures
33 The first Persian ruler who captured some part of India was – Darius-I
34 The capital of the Satavahanas was located at – Amravati
35 Which places was the capital of Satvahanas? Pratisthan
36 King Kharavela is related to – Hathigumpha inscription
37 Which of the following inscriptions gives information about two Ashwamedha Yajnas performed by the king Pushyamitra Shung? Ayodhya inscription
38 Which King was a Patron of Jainism? Kharavela
39 The King of Kalinga Kharavela was related to which dynasty ? Chedi
40 Which kings had heavily leaned towards Jainism? Kharavela
41 The inscription of Hathigumpha is the source of information about which king ? Kharvela
42 The rulers of which dynasties have been called ‘Shriparvatiya’ in Puranas? Ikshvakus
43 Which field was mostly contributed by Eastern Roman ruler Justinian? Law