Partition of Bengal and Swadeshi Movement One Liner Questions & Answers

Questions Answer
1 Anti partition movement of Bengal was initiated on – 7th August 1905
2 The Declaration of Partition of Bengal was done on – 19th July 1905
3 Which movement started after the Partition of Bengal? Swadeshi Movement
4 The Swadeshi Movement took place in India during – The anti-Bengal partition agitation
5 Name the Viceroy of India concerned with the Bengal partition – Lord Curzon
6 The Governor-General who partitioned Bengal? Curzon
7 The Lieutenant Governor of Bengal at the time of the Partition of Bengal was – Sir Andrew Fraser
8 Who was the first to suggest the boycott of British goods in Bengal? Krishna Kumar Mitra
9 Boycott of British goods was adopted as a national policy in – 1905
10 Partition of Bengal was done mainly for – To weaken the growth of Nationalism in Bengal
11 Which movement was started as a reaction to the Partition of Bengal? Swadeshi Movement
12 The ‘Swadeshi’ and Boycott were adopted as methods of the struggle for the first time during the – Agitation against the Partition of Bengal
13 What was the immediate cause for the launch of the Swadeshi Movement? The partition of Bengal done by Lord Curzon
14 Bengal was partitioned in 1905, but due to opposition it was again divided in – 1911
15 When was Bengal reunited due to the protests by Indians? 1905
16 The Partition of Bengal made by Lord Curzon in 1905 lasted until –
King George V abrogated Curzon’s Act at the Royal Durbar in Delhi in 1911
17 Who was the leader of the Swadeshi Movement in Madras? Chidambaram Pillai
18 Who led the Swadeshi Movement in Delhi? Syed Haidar Raja
19 Vande Mataram became the theme song of the Indian National Movement during – Swadeshi Movement
20 The British journalist H.W. Nevinson was associated with – Swadeshi Movement
21 Who founded the ‘Indian Society of Oriental Art’ to revive ancient art traditions of India? Abanindranath Tagore