NITI Aayog and Cooperative Federalism

The principle of cooperative federalism of NITI Aayog may reduce the pace of development due  to various demands by states, political differences and  tensions between states and centre

NITI ayog the newly constituted advisory body which replaced P.C in January which have an aim to have a economic prosperity of India by coordination & cooperation of states seems to have dark clouds over its dreams due to various reasons-

Demands by states

  • Various states have different demands for funds.
  • Demands are based on poverty ,unemployment etc which are different in different states.
  • States like U.P,Tamil nadu,Kerala wants more funds for the implementation of projects & to work on CSS.

Political Differences

  • Lack of unity among different state govts.
  • Regional parties have their demands & agendas which are creating a trouble for states as well as for central govt.

Tension b/w states & centre

  • States govt. thinking that the centre is showing it’s own supremacy & working as “Might is right.”.
  • Centre stress on shifting from a plan to a market economy will benefit big industrial states such as Gujarat but harm small and backward ones like Assam. Unemployment problems would grow manifold.
  • Many states think it is imperative that relatively backward states be first brought up to match the level of the comparatively developed ones 7 centre is not showing any concern to this issue.

“As one size fits for all” doesn’t seems to be suited in India due large diversity,every states has different problems which should be seen first & allocation of funds for different projects & CSS should be made transparent, so every state which have a knowledge that the fund is disbursed c.orrectly & the states will then definately show a good response without any issues.