Network Readiness Index, 2022

India has improved its position by six slots and is now placed at 61st rank as per the Network Readiness Index
2022 (NRI 2022)

About the NRI-2022 Report

  • Released on: 15 November 2022
  • Released by: Portulans Institute
  • Ranks: 131 Countries
  • India’s rank: 61st (2021 rank: 67th)
  • India’s score: 51.19 (49.74 in 2021)

The Network Readiness Index

  • Initially launched in 2002 with the World Economic Forum.
  • NRI has been redesigned in 2019 by its founders and co-editors, Soumitra Dutta and Bruno Lanvin
  • NRI is an in-depth analysis of 131 countries performance across four dimensions of digital readiness Technology, People, Governance and Impact.
  • It uses 58 different indicators.

India’s Performance

  • India is ranked 3rd out of 36 in the group of lower-middle-income countries.
  • India secured
    • 1st rank in “Al talent concentration”,
    • 2nd rank in “Mobile broadband internet. traffic within the country” and “International Internet bandwidth”,
    • 3rd rank in “Annual investment in telecommu- nication services” and “Domestic market size”.