Mughal Dynasty : Humayun and Sher Shah One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Which two rulers fought the battle near Kannauj on 17th May 1540? Shershah and Humayun
2 From where did Fareed, who later on became Sher Shah Suri get his education – Jaunpur
3 Which medieval era rulers mentioned below was highly educated? Sher Shah
4 Which rulers at first assumed the title of ‘Hazrat-e-Ala’ and afterward ‘Sultan’? Sher Shah Suri
5 Which rulers constructed a road from East Bengal to Peshawar called Sadak-e-Azam? Sher Shah
6 After the downfall of the Delhi Sultanate, who was the first ruler to issue the gold coin? Humayun
7 When did Humayun invade Chunar Fort the first time? 1532
8 Who has constructed a mausoleum for his emperor husband? Haji Begum
9 Who introduced the coin of silver? Sher Shah
10 What was the exchange rate of silver’s rupiya? 64:1
11 The pure silver “rupiya” was issued by – Sher Shah
12 The death of Sher Shah Suri occurred in – Kalinjar
13 The last expedition of Sher Shah Suri was against which States? Kalanjar
14 The successor of Sher Shah was – Islam Shah
15 With which medieval ruler would you associate the statement ‘I would have lost the empire just for a handful of millet’? Sher Shah
16 Where is the Mausoleum of Sher Shah? Sasaram
17 Sher Shah was buried at – Sasaram
18 Which monument constructed by Shershah? Qila-i-Kuhna at Delhi
19 Building ‘’Purana Qila’’ was constructed in Delhi by– Sher Shah
20 Who amongst the following got the ‘Purana Quila’ of Delhi built in the present form? Sher Shah Suri
21 Which medieval ruler introduced the system of “patta” and “fabulist” to help the peasants? Sher Shah