Monsoon & Rainfall in India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The term ‘Monsoon’ is originated from – Arabic Language
2 In which state does the Monsoon arrive first? Kerala
3 The general direction of the flow of summer monsoon in India is – From South West to North East
4 Monsoon originates by which winds in India? South-West winds
5 High temperature and low pressure over the Indian subcontinent during the summer season draw air from the Indian Ocean leading to the in-blowing of the – SouthWest monsoon
6 The January isotherm taken as a basis for dividing India into tropical and subtropical zones is – 18°C
7 In which part of India is the daily range of temperature highest? Desert areas of Rajasthan.
8 What are the months for monsoon normally in Tamil Nadu? November-December
9 The Indian monsoon is indicated by seasonal displacement because of – Different temperatures of land and sea
10 Which regions is not affected much by the Arabian Sea branch of Monsoon? Chhattisgarh Basin
11 Amritsar and Shimla are almost on the same latitude, but their climate difference is due to – The difference in their altitudes
12 Which type of climate is found in Chhattisgarh state? Humid South-East
13 According to Koppen’s climatic classification, the climate of North Bihar may be explained as – Cwg
14 India gets maximum rainfall mainly from – South-West Monsoon
15 The state which receives maximum rainfall due to North-East monsoon is – Tamil Nadu
16 Which state gets the highest average annual rainfall? Sikkim
17 Mango shower is – Crop of mango
18 Cherrapunji is located in – Meghalaya
19 The highest rainfall in India occurs in – Western Ghats, Himalayan Region and Meghalaya
20 By which monsoon does Jharkhand receive rainfall? South West monsoon
21 When there is very heavy rainfall in the Pushkar Hills, where do floods occur? Balotra
22 How many districts in India are included in the desert development program? 21 Districts
23 India’s Northern plains get winter rainfall due to – Western Disturbance
24 Which region of India receives winter rainfall? Punjab – Tamil Nadu
25 Winter rainfall in Tamil Nadu is mostly due to – North-East monsoon
26 Which coastal region in India, receives rainfall from North Eastern monsoon ? Coromandel coast
27 The winter rains caused by Western disturbance in the North Western Plain of India gradually decrease from – West to East