Money and Banking (Part 2) One Liner Questions & Answers Questions Answers
34 Which private sector bank has launched the ‘e-Kisaan Dhan’ app for farmers? HDFC Bank
35 Which four Foreign Banks operating in India, has the largest number of branches in the country? Standard Chartered Bank
36 The ‘Lead Bank’ Scheme was launched in – December, 1969
37 The functions of the Lead Bank are performed by – A bank designated for this purpose
38 The basic aim of the Lead Bank Scheme is that –
Individual banks should adopt particular districts for intensive development
39 The Service Area Approach was implemented under the purview of – Lead Bank Scheme
40 District Credit Planning is done – Under the Lead bank
41 Which banks operate mainly in relation to small industries? SIDBI
42 The Head Office of the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) is located at – Lucknow
43 SIDBI has been established to – Finance small-scale industries
44 What is ‘Shadow Banking’?
Financial transactions and other activities of nonbanking financial intermediary
45 ‘Gullak Bachcha Bank’ is a bank based in – Patna
46 Which is not in the assets of a commercial bank in India? Deposits
47 Non-performing assets in commercial banks mean –
Loans in which interest or principal amount is not recovered
48 Who is the Fiscal agent and advisor to the Government in monetary and financial matters? R.B.I.
49 Treasury bills are sold in India by – Reserve Bank of India
50 Where is the headquarters of RBI located? Mumbai
51 When was the Reserve Bank of India was established? 1935
52 The Banker’s Bank is – Reserve Bank of India
53 Who maintains the foreign exchange reserves in India? Reserve Bank of India
54 In Indian currency, the one rupee note is issued under the signature of – Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India
55 In India ‘Money and Credit’ is controlled by the Reserve Bank of India
56 Open market operations are included in – Quantitative techniques of credit control
57 In the context of the Indian economy, ‘Open Market Operations’ refers to – Purchase and sale of government securities by the RBI
58 Variable reserve rates and Open Market Operations are the means of – Monetary Policy
59 Which of the terms indicates a mechanism used by commercial banks for providing credit to the government? Statutory Liquidity Ratio
60 The banks are required to maintain a certain ratio between their cash in hand and total assets. This is called – SLR (Statutory Liquid Ratio)
61 The terms ‘Marginal Standing Facility Rate’ and ‘Net Demand and Time Liabilities’, sometimes appearing in news, are used in relation to – Banking operations
62 If the interest rate is decreased in an economy, it will – Increase the investment expenditure in the economy