Measuring Devices and Scales One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Which instruments are used for locating submerged objects in an ocean? SONAR
2 SONAR is mostly used by – Navigators
3 In SONAR, we use – Ultrasonic waves
4 The apparatus used to measure the intensity of sound is – Audiometer
5 What is measured by an ‘Anemometer’? Force of the wind
6 The velocity of wind is measured by – Anemometer
7 The device to measure electric current is – Ammeter
8 A pyrometer is used to measure – High temperature
9 Which devices are used to measure extremely high temperatures? Pyrometer
10 ‘Pyrheliometer’ is used for measuring – Solar radiation
11 Which instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure? Barometer
12 The liquid/liquids used in the simple barometer is /are – Mercury
13 The density of milk can be obtained by the use of – Lactometer
14 Relative humidity is measured by – Hygrometer
15 Electroencephalogram (EEG) is used in monitoring – Brain
16 The name of the equipment used for measuring blood pressure is – Sphygmomanometer
17 The apparatus used to measure the intensity of light is known as – Luxmeter
18 Radar is used for – Determining the presence and location of objects with radio waves
19 Which quantities are measured on the Richter scale? Intensity of an earthquake
20 The Richter scale is used for measuring – Amplitude of seismic waves
21 A Fathometer is used to measure – Depth of sea
22 The apparatus used for detecting lie is known as – Polygraph
23 The instrument, used for measuring angular distances in the vertical plane (elevation) and the horizontal plane (azimuth), is – Theodolite