Major Tribes and Languages of the World One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The most common areas of nomadic herding are – Dry areas
2 ‘Transhumance’ refers to – Seasonal movement of people and their herds from the valley to the mountain and vice versa
3 The first bird is believed to have appeared on the surface of the earth- 150 million years ago
4 Which continent is known as ‘the Cradle of Mankind’? Africa
5 Which racial group has the largest number of members? Caucasoid
6 The original home of the Gypsies was : India
7 The native African tribe ‘Pygmies’ are found in which river basins – Congo
8 Pygmies are inhabitants of – Africa
9 In which regions are Pygmies found? Equatorial forest
10 Which is not a pastoral nomad? Pygmies
11 Within biological communities, some species are important in determining the ability of a large number of other species to persist in the community. Such species are called: Keystone species
12 Eskimos are inhabitants of – Canada
13 The major island, where Eskimos live, is: Greenland
14 In which dense tropical forest does the Semang tribe live? Malaysia
15 ‘Zulu’ is a tribe associated with : South Africa
16 Which region of the World, would you associate with “Bushmen”? Kalahari
17 Which was part of the erstwhile Soviet Union over which the Kurdish population is spread? Armenia
18 Which regions is famous for the ‘Lapps’ Tribe” Scandinavia
19 To which racial groups the natives of North America belong? Mongoloid