Khilafat Movement One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Who started the Khilafat Movement? Shaukat Ali & Mohammad Ali
2 Who was elected as President of the All India Khilafat Conference in 1919? Mahatma Gandhi
3 Why did Mahatma Gandhi support the Khilafat Movement? Gandhiji wanted to win the support of the Indian Muslims against the British
4 Who viewed the Khilafat Movement as an opportunity for integrating Hindus and Muslims which will not appear again within the coming hundred years? Mahatma Gandhi
5 Who had renounced the title of Haziq-ul-Mulk during the Khilafat agitation? Hakim Ajmal Khan
6 Who warned Gandhiji not to encourage fanaticism of Muslim religious leaders and their followers? Mohammad Ali Jinnah
7 What was the result of the Khilafat movement? Hindu-Muslim differences were narrowed down
8 The person who on April 4, 1919, delivered a speech on Hindu-Muslim unity from the pulpit of Jama Masjid in Delhi was – Swami Shraddhanand
9 In which city was the conference of the Khilafat Committee in 1920 held that requested Gandhiji to assume the leadership of the Non-co-operation Movement? Allahabad
10 “In this instance, we could not play off the Mohammedans against the Hindus.” To which event did this remark of Aitchison relate?
Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement (1919-22)
11 Moplah Rebellion in 1921 was an offshoot of – Khilafat Movement