Islands of India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 “Saddle Peak” the highest peak of Andaman &Nicobar is located in – North Andaman
2 What is the highest peak of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands? Saddle Peak (732 Mtrs)
3 Andaman and Nicobar are – Group of Islands in Bay of Bengal
4 Number of islands in Andaman and Nicobar is – 572 islands
5 Ten degree channel separates – Andaman from Nicobar Islands
6 Palk Strait is located between – India and Sri Lanka
7 What is geographically closest to Great Nicobar? Sumatra island
8 Barren Island is located in – Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal
9 The northern part of the Western Coastal Plain of India is also known as – Konkan
10 Sriharikota Island is located in – Andhra Pradesh
11 The Adam’s Bridge begins from – Dhanushkodi
12 Addu Atoll, is situated in which ocean? Indian Ocean
13 Where is Lakshadweep located? Arabian Sea
14 In which parts of India ‘Atolls’ are commonly found? Near Lakshadweep
15 Which island is coral? Lakshadweep
16 Lakshadweep Island is situated – In South West India
17 Islands group Lakshadweep is – Accumulation of Coral Reef
18 Lakshadweep consists of how many Islands? 36
19 A large city built on an Indian island is – Mumbai
20 Kori Creek lies in – Rann of Kutch
21 The Sir Creek dispute is between which of the following two countries? India and Pakistan