India’s First Water Bodies Census

On April 25, 2023, the Ministry of Jal Shakti has released the report of India’s first water bodies census, a comprehensive data base of ponds, tanks, lakes, and reservoirs in the country.

Rank Ponds Tanks Lakes Reservoirs Water Conversation/Check Dams
1 West Bengal Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu West Bengal Mahrashtra
2 Uttar Pradesh Odisha Bihar Jharkhand Andhra Pradesh
3 Assam Himachal Pradesh Karnataka Bihar Gujarat
4 Odisha Tamil Nadu West Bengal Odisha Telangana
5 Jharkhand Gujarat Odisha Andhra Pradesh Jharkhand

The census was conducted in 2018-19, and enumerated more than 2.4 million water bodies across all states and Union Territories.

About India’s first water bodies census

  • Released on: April 25, 2023
  • Released by: Ministry of Jal Shakti

Key Highlights

  • 24,24,540 water bodies have been enumerated in the country, out of which 97.1% (23,55,055) are in rural areas and only 2.9% (69,485) are in urban areas.
  • 59.5% (14,42,993) of water bodies are ponds, followed by tanks (15.7%, ie 3,81,805), reservoirs (12.1%, ie 2,92,280), Water conservation schemes/ percolation tanks/check dams (9.3%, i.e 2,26,217), lakes (0.9%, ie 22,361) and others (2.5%, ie 58,884).
  • West Bengal has highest number of ponds & reservoirs, whereas Andhra Pradesh has highest number of tanks, Tamil Nadu has highest number of lakes and Maharashtra is the leading state for water conservation scheme..
  • Top Five states in number of water bodies are as follows-
State Percent
West Bengal 30.08% (7,47,480)
Uttar Pradesh 10.01% (2,45,087)
Andhra Pradesh 7.9% (1,90,777)
Odisha 7.5% (1,81,837)
Assam 7.1%(1,72,492)