Food Preservation, Nutrition, Medicine, One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 In fruits and vegetables, the wax emulsion is used for – Extension of storage life
2 What is used in the preservation of foodstuff? Sodium Benzoate
3 Monosodium glutamate (MSG) in food is used as – Flavour enhancer & Preserver
4 Fruits stored in a cold chamber exhibit longer storage life, because – Rate of respiration is decreased
5 Refrigeration helps in food preservation by – Reducing the rate of biochemical reactions
6 What is a common refrigerant used in the domestic refrigerator? Freon
7 ‘Triclosan’, considered harmful when exposed to high levels for a long time, is most likely present in – Toiletries
8 Charcoal in decoloring raw sugar is – Animal charcoal
9 The main component of honey is – Fructose
10 Aspirin is obtained from – A tree
11 An example of antibiotic medicine – Penicillin
12 What compounds are used as a sedative? Potassium Bromide
13 What forms an irreversible complex with hemoglobin in the blood? Carbon Monoxide
14 Milk is homogenized by –
Breaking down fat particles to the microscopic size with the help of a centrifuge
15 Which Oil oils is an extract of clove oil? Eugenol
16 Which fruits is most suitable for jelly making? Guava
17 Organic food is supposed to be better for us because it – Is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides