Essay: Approaches


Whatever the subject and the form it is to take, there are different approaches to it, different frameworks in which you will define’, ‘describe’ or ‘classify’.
You may use the discussion mode-ask what and how, and consider consequences that emerge from the theme of the essay.

In the concentric approach, you will proceed focal point and move to wideni is what you will do if you are looking at a title from different levels of consciousness, say from the levels of adolescence and maturity.

Some titles can be examined in the chronological order Some titles can be examined in the from the ancient to the modern times or from morning night.
There can be an empirical framework which, however requires illustrations or examples in whose context the can be examined. This framework can relate to countries, geographical regions or communities according to what the title demands.

You may define, classify or describe in a structural context; for instance, the title can be examined under the categories of political, social, economic, and cultural aspects. Or it can be put in a sociological context-the perspective of rural-urban or the classes (rich, poor, middle class, management, workers, and so on).

The form or framework is the skeleton of the essay giving support and weight to the ideas that flesh it out. It keeps the flow of ideas in check and sees to it that the essay does not become a haphazard collection of statements. A work of art involves imagination and sensitivity, but it is a disciplined imagination and sensitivity.