“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


  • Education has deeper meaning, it seeks to develop an all round personality who is better equipped to understand and deal with the complexities of outer world, human relations & emotions, humanity at large and able to participate in the process of making the society better, harmonious, conscientious and modern.
  • Educating only mind means we are able to develop only cognition.
  • But, educating the heart signifies developing empathy, compassion, respect for diversity & human dignity, love, respect for the law of the land etc. That would entail learning about and appreciating the wisdom of philosophy, ethics, morality, societal values, the beauty of art, literature, poetry, and music.
  • Developing cognition only will lead at best of making human robots not human beings.

Contemporary context and relevance

  • Unfortunately, today Education has been reduced to just learning of predefined facts. The ideal values sought to be secured to an educated individual are completely absent and this has manifested itself in the form of hate crimes, terrorism, crimes against humanity etc.
  • Education system shall do away with the utilitarian approach where only aim of education is to get jobs etc. and shall strive to secure this true education to an individual where she can proudly claim that she is educated both at her mind and heart.
  • Education which includes education on both the dimensions (heart & mind) makes an individual not only intellectually sound but also socially productive
  • .For example we have the epitome case of Dr. APJ Kala  who was not only a great scientist, but also a President who connected with people emotionally.
  • Similarly, Hitler or Osama bin laden were  instructively educated but without education of the heart and thus proved dangerous for the humanity.

Significance of holistic education

  1. To make us a civilized human being 
  • to educate the mind makes us only a machine like robot, which don’t have any kindness, sincerity, love, hate etc type human like feelings.

    2.To take right decision 

  • A right decision can take with the help of both mind and heart. Mind of conscience is very necessary in this sense. The criticism of AI also highlights the same.
  • To establish some values of life
  •  Some values like religiousness, nationality, independence etc are directly comes from heart, there is no any mind led concept here.

Question for Answer Writing

Q: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Comment.

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