Early Medieval and; Rajputa Period One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answer
1 Who among the following ruler is famous as “Prithvi Raj Chauhan”? Prithviraj- III
2 Epigraphic records (Inscriptions) suggest that in ancient India, the rulers of Bihar had contact with – Java-Sumatra
3 Kumaradevi, a queen of Govind Chandra Gahadavala, constructed Dharma-Chakra-Jaina Vihara at – Sarnath
4 According to Hammer Mahakavya, the Chauhans were – Suryavanshis
5 Aalha-Udal were related to – Mahoba
6 “When………. was born, the earth sank two and a half hands.” The above statement /Folk saying is related to which historical personality of Uttar Pradesh? Alha
7 The author of ‘Prithviraj Raso’ is – Chand Bardai
8 Who is the author of ‘Prithviraja Vijaya’? Jayanaka
9 Which of the following Rajput dynasties founded the city of Dhilika (Delhi) in the eighth century? Tomar dynasty
10 Jejakabhukti was the ancient name of – Bundelkhand
11 Dangdev was the ruler of which dynasty? Chandelas of Jejakabhukti
12 Pundravardhan Bhukti was located in – North Bengal
13 Who was the founder of the Pala dynasty? Gopala
14 Who among the following had built the Sompura Mahavihar – Dharmapala
15 Which ruler of Bengal founded the ancient University called ‘Vikramshila.’– Dharamapala
16 Which rulers established Vikramashila University? Dharmapal
17 In which modern-day’s State, the University of Vikramasila was located? Bihar
18 Which places was not the center of learning during the early medieval period? Taxila
19 Who laid the foundation of the Rashtrakuta Empire? Dantidurga
20 Who performed a ritual called ‘Hiranya-Garbha’? Dantidurga
21 Who was born in a military camp in the course of his father’s campaign – Amoghavarasha Rashtrakuta
22 The greatest Pratihara King was – Mihir Bhoj
23 The great Jain Scholar Hemchandra adorned the court of – Kumarapala
24 Who is credited with initiating a new Samvat – Lakshmana Sena
25 The Laxman Era was started by which dynasty? Sena
26 The great Sanskrit poet and dramatist, Rajshekhara was in the court of – Mahipal & Mahendrapala-I
27 Which was a very important seaport in the Kakatiya Kingdom? Motupalli
28 The Gurjar-Pratiharas dynasty was founded by – Nagabhata I
29 Which rulers does not belong to Gurjara- Pratihar dynasty? Bharatrabhatta-I
30 ‘Aadi Varaha’ was the title of which Gurjara Pratihara ruler? Mihir Bhoja
31 Who was not a part of the tripartite struggle? Cholas
32 Mahodaya is an old name of – Kannauj
33 Which of the following was known as ‘Nagar Mahoday Shri’? Kannauj
34 Who among the following granted financial aid for the restoration of a demolished mosque in Khambhat – Jayasimha Siddharaja
35 Who was the founder of the Parmara Dynasty? Upendra Krishnaraj
36 King Bhoja ruled over – Dhar
37 Who wrote a book on artificial scientific equipment? Bhoja
38 The presiding deity of Bhojshala Temple is – Goddess Saraswati
39 The author of Gaudvaho was – Vakpati
40 With reference to the economic history of medieval India, the term ‘Araghatta’ refers to – Waterwheel used for the irrigation of land