Architecture in Ancient India One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answer
1 The Temple of Kandariya Mahadev at Khajuraho was built by – Chandela
2 The temples of Khajuraho are related with – Hindu and Jain
3 Matangesvara Temple at Khajuraho is dedicated to – Shiva
4 The pinnacle of which temple is built in Dravidian style? Teli Temple of Gwalior
5 Which centre consists of more than 100 Buddha caves? Kanheri
6 In which rock-cut caves eleven headed Bodhisattva image is depicted? Kanheri
7 The Jain temple of Abu is made of – Marble
8 Palitana temple is located near – Bhavnagar
9 The Elephanta caves were mainly sculptured for which of the following devotees? Shaiva
10 Famous Cave temples of Elephanta are ascribed to – Rashtrakutas
11 Which cave is famous for ‘Trimurti’? Elephanta
12 There are only two known examples of cave paintings of the Gupta period in ancient India. One of these is paintings of Ajanta caves. Where are the other surviving examples of Gupta paintings? Bagh caves
13 The caves and rock-cut temples at Ellora represent only – Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains
14 Buddhist, Hindu and Jain rock-cut caves coexist at – Ellora
15 Which temple is an example of rock-cut architecture? Kailasa Temple, Ellora
16 The rock-cut caves in western India are located in – Nasik, Ellora and Ajanta
17 Which place is famous for Buddhist Cave Temples? Ajanta
18 Ellora caves were built by – Rashtrakutas
19 Which Rashtrakuta ruler built the famous Shiva Temple of Ellora? Krishna- I
20 Which religion had Rashtrakuta protection? Jain
21 Caves of Ajanta and Ellora are located in – Aurangabad
22 The caves of Ajanta and Ellora are in – Maharashtra
23 In which one of the following places, the cave temples built by the Rashtrakutas in the Ellora Mountains are located? Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
24 The art of Ajanta was mainly patronized by the – Vakatakas
25 Ajanta caves are linked with – Jataka stories
26 The painting of Bodhisattva Padmapani is one of the most famous and oft-illustrated paintings at – Ajanta
27 Who built the Konark Sun Temple? Narasimhadeva Varman
28 Which among these is known as ‘Black Pagoda’? Konark Sun Temple
29 Where is ‘Black Pagoda’? Konark
30 The Sun Temple of Modhera lies in which state? Gujarat
31 Which Sun Temples is located in Patan, Gujarat? Modhera
32 Lingaraj Temple is located at – Bhubaneswara
33 Which is the largest and the tallest surviving temple in Orissa? Lingaraja Temple
34 Jagannath temple is located in the state of – Orissa
35 The Temple of Bhubaneswar and Puri was built in – Nagara style
36 The idols of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balbhadra in sanctum sanctorum at Jagannath Puri Temple are made up of – Wood
37 Angkor Wat Vishnu Temple is located in – Cambodia
38 In which country is the “Angkor-Wat Temple” complex located? Kampuchea
39 Where is Borobudur Stupa situated ? Java
40 The initial design and construction of which massive temple took place during the reign of Suryavarman- II? Angkor Wat Temple
41 ‘Gopuram’ the temples of Dravidian style stands for – Ornamental and multi-storied structures upon the gateways
42 Rock-cut temples of Mahabalipuram were built by – Pallavas
43 The Seven Ratha Temple of Mahabalipuram was built by – Narasimha Varman
44 Which of the following Rath temples is the smallest? Draupadi Rath
45 Which places is known as the village of temples? Maluti
46 Between which was the ancient town of Takshashila located? Indus and Jhelum
47 Sonagiri, the highest among 103 Jain temples, lies in the proximity of – Datia
48 The historical Digambar Jain temple of Sonagiri is in – Madhya Pradesh
49 Dilwara Jain temple is situated at – Mount Abu
50 Where is the Dilwara Jain temple located? Rajasthan
51 Where is the famous Virupaksha temple located? Hampi
52 The Nagara, the Dravida the Vesara are – The three main styles of Indian temple architecture
53 With reference to the cultural history of India, the term Panchayatan’ refers to – A style of temple construction
54 Naimisharanya’s famous pilgrimage is located in which of the following district? Sitapur
55 With reference to the art and archaeological history of India, which one among the following was made earliest? Rock-cut Elephant at Dhauli