Delhi Sultanate: Slave Dynasty One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Who was the founder of the Slave Dynasty? Qutbuddin Aybak
2 Which Sultan of Delhi Sultanate is known as “Lakh Baksh”? Qutbuddin Aybak
3 What is ‘Adhai Din ka Zhonpda’? Mosque
4 Who among the following did not contribute to building the famous ‘Qutb-Minar’? Ghiyasuddin Tughluq
5 The capital of Qutbuddin Aybak was – Lahore
6 How did Sultan Qutbuddin Aybak die? He died after a fall from his horse while playing Chaugan
7 Who was the first Sultan of Delhi who introduced regular coins and declared Delhi the capital of his empire? Iltutmish
8 Which was the capital of the Sultanate during the reign of Iltutmish? Delhi
9 Who was the first Muslim ruler of Delhi? Iltutmish
10 Who was called a slave of a slave? Iltutmish
11 Who was the first woman ruler of medieval India? Raziyya Sultan
12 Which Sultan of Delhi was a contemporary of the Mongol Leader Genghis Khan? Iltutmish
13 In whose reign Mongols were seen on the bank of the Indus river for the first time? Iltutmish
14 The original name of Changez (Genghis) Khan was – Temuchin (Temujin)
15 Iltutmish appointed his first Subedar in Bihar too – Malik – Jani
16 Who was behind the dethroning of Raziyya Begum? Turks
17 The full name of Sultan of Delhi Balban was? Ghiyasuddin
18 Which Sultan of Delhi is said to have followed the policy of “blood and iron”? Balban
19 Who was the first Muslim ruler to formulate the ‘theory of kingship’ similar to the ‘theory of the divine right of the kings’? Balban
20 After consolidating his power, Balban assumed the grand title of – Zil-e-Ilahi
21 Who introduced the famous Persian festival ‘Navroz’ in India? Balban
22 Which of the following Sultans has called himself the ‘Helper of a Caliph’ in his inscription on the walls of the Mosque at Garhmukteshwar? Balban