Biofertilizers: Types & Uses One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The biofertilizer used as a supplementary food for the cattle, especially for milking bovines is – Azolla
2 Nitrogen-fixing bacteria make combinations with cells of the roots of – Pulses
3 Blue-green algae are chiefly used as biofertilizers in the crop of – Paddy
4 Blue-green algae is used to supply nitrogen to – Paddy
5 Azolla gives a good biofertilizer when mixed with – Blue-green algae
6 Azolla is often used as a biofertilizer because it is associated with – Blue-green algae
7 Azolla is – Aquatic Fern
8 Aquatic Fern, which is used as a biofertilizer, is – Azolla
9 The capability of nitrogen use efficiency can be increased in crop production by – Use of split application, Use of nitrogen inhibitors, Using the slow release of nitrogen fertilizer
10 Which bacteria is responsible for nitrogen fixation in soyabean? Rhizobium japonicum
11 Leg-haemoglobin is found in – Legume root nodules