Biodiversity One Liner Questions & Answers

                                                    Questions                       Answers
1 Biodiversity is described as – The range of different species in an environment
2 The most significant aspect of biodiversity is – Maintenance of ecosystem
3 The main reason for the decrease in biodiversity is – Natural habitat destruction
4 Government of India in collaboration with the Norwegian Government has established a centre for Biodiversity Policy and Law at – Chennai
5 Biodiversity day is celebrated on – 22 May
6 The ‘Hotspot’ of Biodiversity in India are – Eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats
7 The most biodiversity rich area in India is – Western Ghats
8 The tallest known living tree – Sequoia
9 A species is considered to be extinct if it has not been seen in its natural habitat for – 50 years
10 India aims to achieve land degradation neutrality by the year – 2030
11 Endangered species are listed in – Red Data Book
12 The most important strategy for the conservation of biodiversity together with traditional human life is the establishment of – Biosphere reserves
13 The maximum biodiversity is found in – Tropical rain forest
14 The maximum biodiversity is found in – Tropical rain forests
15 Biodiversity changes occur – Increases towards the equator
16 The richest biodiversity is found in the – Silent Valley
17 ‘Valley of Flowers’ is situated in – Uttarakhand
18 The Ramsar Convention was associated with the conservation of – Wetlands
19 Bihar’s first Ramsar Site is located in – Begusarai
20 Wetland day is observed on – 2nd February
21 In India, which one of the following states has the largest inland saline wetland? Rajasthan
22 Biosphere reserves are areas for conservation of – Genetic Variation
23 Cartagena protocol is related to – Bio-safety agreement
24 The decade 2011-20 has been designated by the U.N.O. as the decade of – Bio-diversity decade
25 United Nations Organization has declared decade 2011-2020 as – Decade on Biodiversity
26 The Biodiversity Act was passed by the Indian Parliament in – December, 2002
27 In which year ‘Biodiversity Act’ was passed in India? 2002
28 National Biodiversity Authority of India was established in – 2003, in Chennai
29 The rapid rate of decline in the vulture population in India is mainly due to – Overuse of Diclofenac drug
30 The most important factor contributing to the loss of the vulture population in India is – Administrating of painkillers to cattle
31 Vultures which used to be very common in the Indian countryside some years ago are rarely seen now a days. This is attributed to –
A drug used by cattle owners for treating their diseased cattle
32 In the context of Indian wildlife, the flying fox is a – Bat
33 The marine animal called dugong which is vulnerable to extinction is a/an – Mammal
34 The 10th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Conference on ‘Biological Diversity’ was held at – Nagoya