Art and Culture One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The ‘Madhubani’ painting is related to which State? Bihar
2 The well-known painting “Bani Thani” belongs to the – Kishangarh school
3 After how many years has‘ Maha Kumbh’ been held? 12 years
4 In which place Kumbh Mela is held every twelfth year? Prayagraj – Haridwar – Ujjain – Nashik
5 In which historical fair of Uttar Pradesh do both Hindus and Muslims come? Nauchandi Mela
6 Onam is the festival of which State? Kerala
7 ‘Bihu’ is the folk dance of which State? Assam
8 ‘Pongal’ is the festival of which State? Tamil Nadu
9 The South Indian Festival of ‘Onam’ is associated with – King Mahabali
10 ‘Athapoo’ is associated with which festival? Onam
11 Traditional folk drama “Bhand-Pather” is related to which State/Union Territory? Jammu and Kashmir
12 ‘Tamasha’ is the famous folk form of musical theatre in – Maharashtra
13 Four Mathas established by Adi Shankaracharya are – Joshimath, Dwarka, Puri, Sringeri
14 In India, many pilgrims travel to Srisailam, which is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, located in – Andhra Pradesh near Kurnool
15 In which State is the Buddhist site Tabo Monastery located? Himachal Pradesh
16 Losoong is a festival which is celebrated in – Sikkim
17 “Wangala Festival” is celebrated which state? Meghalaya
18 Chapchar Kut is a festival celebrated in the State of – Mizoram
19 The Ijtima Festival (Mela) is celebrated in – Bhopal
20 “Navratri” is celebrated as Saraswati Puja in which state – Kerala
21 Who was the grandfather of Arjun, the hero of Mahabharata? Vichitravirya
22 What is ‘Kaaba’? Muslim Shrine
23 What is the Jewish place of worship called? Synagogue
24 Where was the first Sanskrit University Chair established? France
25 The earliest reference to the ‘Magnetic Compass’ is found in – Jawamiul Hikayat
26 The mighty gateways found at the temples of South India are called – Gopurams
27 Which temple is also known as Khajuraho of Vidarbha? Markandeshwar
28 The Chitragupta Swami Temple considered to be the only temple of Chitragupta is situated in – Kanchi
29 Who built the “Tribhuvan Narayan Temple” of Chittour? Parmar Raja Bhoj
30 Name the place where the Thyagaraja festival is regularly celebrated in honor of composer Sri. Thyagaraja? Thanjavur
31 ‘Sufi Kalam,’ a type of devotional music, is characteristic of – Kashmir
32 According to the Mimamsa system of philosophy liberation is possible by means of – Karma
33 “Jagar” is a form of God worship ritual prevalent in – Uttarakhand
34 Where is the ‘Rath Yatra’ festival held? Puri
35 Alla Rakha, the famous instrumentalist, is related with – Tabla
36 The first writer to use Urdu as the medium of poetic expression was – Amir Khusrau
37 ‘Radha Govind Sangeet Sar’ the renowned classical music composition is the creation of – Sawai Pratap Singh
38 Who is the famous singer of “Bharthari Gayan” (song)? Smt. Surooj Bai Khande
39 The brothers Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha are – Dhrupad vocalists
40 The author of the ‘Raga Kallpadrum’ is – Krishnanand Vyas
41 The ‘Raga’ which is sung early in the morning is – Todi
42 Pandit Bhimsen Joshi is related to – Music
43 Which classical dance in its present form has influence of Mughal tradition? Kathak
44 ‘Odissi’ dance belongs to which State? Orissa
45 ‘Mohini Attam’ is the folk dance of which State? Kerala
46 Which dance style originates from Eastern India? Manipuri
47 From which classical dance system Indrani Rahman is related? Odissi
48 Girija Devi, a famous singer of Thumri belongs to which gharana? Banaras Gharana
49 Gangubai Hangal, who died, was a – Classical singer
50 ‘Tera Tali’ is the folk dance of – Rajasthan
51 ‘Karagam’ a religious folk dance is associated with which State? Tamil Nadu
52 Sri. V.G. Jog is famous for which instrumental music? Violin
53 Akum and Todi is a musical instrument of which category? Wind instrument
54 Who is an excellent dancer of Kathak? Birju Maharaj
55 On which part of the body “Toti” ornament is worn? Ears
56 Kalamkari painting refers to – A hand-painted cotton textile in South India
57 In which hill the world-famous temple of Lord Venkateshwar (Tirupati) is located? Tirumala
58 Which academy is responsible for fostering the development of dance, drama, and music in India? Sangeet Academy
59 Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is a famous player of which musical instrument? Sarod
60 Musical instrument sitar is the combination of – Veena and Piano
61 Kuchipudi dance started in which State? Andhra Pradesh
62 The folk dance of Meghalaya is – Loho
63 In Indian architecture, ‘Surkhi’ was introduced by – Kushans
64 Mask dance is associated with which dance style? Kathakali
65 The lead character in the film “The Bandit Queen” has been played by – Seema Biswas
66 Who was the producer of the famous T.V. serial ‘Ramayan’? Ramanand Sagar
67 The film ‘The Making of the Mahatma’ has been directed by – Shyam Benegal
68 Who played the role of Gandhi in the movie ‘Gandhi’? Ben Kingsley
69 Richard Attenborough is – Producer and director
70 The first feature film (talkie) to be produced in India was – Alam Ara
71 Whom did the famous Indian actress Devika Rani marry? Painter Svetoslav Roerich
72 Who was the producer of the serial ‘Mahabharat’? B.R. Chopra
73 Vidushaka, a common character in Sanskrit drama is invariably – Brahmana
74 K. Shankar Pillai was a – Cartoonist
75 The paintings of Abanindranath Tagore have been classified as – Revivalistic
76 Who was Vishnu Chinchalkar? Chitrakar
77 Who established the “Indian Society of Oriental Art”? Abanindranath Tagore
78 Who painted the famous ‘Mona Lisa’? Leonardo Da Vinci
79 In which year was Raja Ravi Verma, a famous painter of the Modern Age, born? 1848
80 ‘Mera piya ghar aaya’ has been sung by which Pakistani singer? Faiz Ahmad Faiz
81 Jamini Roy was – Painter
82 The book ‘Venushipla’ by Chitracharya Upendra Maharathi relates to which form of art? Bamboo art
83 What is Britney Spears famous for? Singing
84 Who is considered the ‘Tagore’ of the Punjabi language? Puran Singh
85 The famous painting Satyam Shivam Sundaram was prepared by – Shivnandan Nautiyal
86 The First Indian lady to climb Everest top is – Bachendri Pal
87 Shanti Niketan is located in which district of West Bengal? Birbhum
88 In which year did Nandalal Bose, a famous painter, become the Principal of Kala Bhawan (Shantiniketan)? 1922
89 What does ‘Ghumkuria’ mean? Youth dormitory