Animal Husbandry in India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Stock Farming is – Breeding of animals
2 The largest density of the number of cattle in per 100 hectare gross cultivable land is in – Bihar
3 About one-third of India’s cattle population is found in the three states, these are – Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh
4 Where are the Tharparkar species found? Border Region of Rajasthan
5 The cow breed known for high milk yield is – Sahiwal
6 India’s place in milk production in the world is – First
7 What is ‘Operation Flood” associated with? Milk Production and Distribution
8 Which state recorded the highest milk production in 2011-12? Uttar Pradesh
9 Who is known as the father of India’s ‘White Revolution’? Dr. Verghese Kurien
10 White Revolution is related to – Milk Production
11 National Dairy Research Institute is located at – Karnal