Agriculture Scenario in India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Who has written ‘The History of Indian Agriculture? M.S. Randhawa
2 The agro-ecological regions of the country are – 20
3 The total number of Agro-ecological zones in India is – 20
4 The first Agricultural University in the country was set up in the year – 1960
5 The first Agricultural University of the country is – G.B.P.A.U. Pant Nagar
6 If safe storage is to be ensured, the moisture content of food grains at the time of harvesting should NOT be higher than – 14 %
7 The approximate representation of land use classification in India is – Net area sown 47%; forests 23%; other areas 30%
8 Double cropping in agriculture means raising of – Two crops at different times
9 What is the chief characteristic of ‘mixed farming’? Rearing of animals and cultivation of crops together
10 Mixed farming consists of – Growing several crops and also rearing animals
11 The reasons for low productivity in Indian agriculture are – Overcrowding in Agriculture, Small Land Holding, Traditional agricultural practices
12 The average size of operational holdings in India is the largest in – Rajasthan
13 Agriculture in India is considered as – A means of livelihood
14 The two largest consumers of chemical fertilizers in India are – Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh
15 In newly improved arid land the crop suitable for the green manure is – Lobia
16 In southern India, the area of high agricultural productivity is found in – Tamil Nadu coast
17 The richest state in replenishable groundwater resources is – Uttar Pradesh
18 “Green agriculture” involves –
Integrated pest management, integrated nutrient supply and integrated natural resource management
19 Agmark is – Mark of standard Guarantee (Quality Certification)