Agriculture in India: Miscellaneous Topics One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The colour of the tag used on certified seed bags is – Blue
2 In which state of India was the potato production maximum in 2013? Uttar Pradesh
3 National Research Centre for Banana is located at – Trichy
4 Who wrote Periplus of the Erythraean Sea? Written by an unknown person between the first and third centuries.
5 The state of India, which has the largest share in foodgrain production, is – Uttar Pradesh
6 The State of India which stands first in the production of cotton, groundnut, salt and milk is – Gujarat
7 What percentage does Uttar Pradesh contribute to the Mentha oil production of India? 85%
8 Which is the leading soybean producing state in India? Madhya Pradesh
9 India is the largest producer of – India is ranked second in sugarcane production,
10 What was the estimated production of food grains in India for the year 2011-12? 259.29 million tonnes
11 The largest Jute producing state in India is – West Bengal
12 Maize crops can be grown during – Throughout the year
13 The maturity period of the Maize crop is – 110 Days
14 In which state is Black Pepper and Cardamom produced? Kerala
15 Shaktiman-I and Shaktiman-II are the genetically modified crops of – Maize
16 Commercial production of Saff ron takes place in which states? Jammu and Kashmir
17 The largest quantity of saffron is produced in – Kashmir
18 The only state which produces saffron in India is – Jammu-Kashmir
19 Who is credited for initiating the cultivation of Rajma and potato in Bhagirathi valley – Wilson
20 India’s rank in vegetable production is – Second
21 Which of the following countries produces maximum vegetables in the world? China
22 Seedless variety of mango is – Sindhu
23 Which varieties has been developed as a result of a cross between Dasheri and of mango Neelam? Amrapali
24 Which states of India has been declared the first bio or fully organic state of the country? Sikkim
25 India’s contribution to the world’s fruit production is– 15 %
26 The first herbicide produced in the world is 2, 4-D
27 “NABI MG” is – A variety of Wheat
28 Maize – Potato – Sugarcane (ratoon) – Moong is the example of crop rotation for – 3 years