Agriculture and Allied Sector One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Genetic industry includes – Agriculture
2 Which is not an objective of food management in India? Export of food grains
3 Suraj Dhara Yojana is – Exchange of seeds
4 Who did not approve the idea of co-operative farming in India? Charan Singh
5 What is meant by a Bullock Capitalist? Farmers who have some resources but are not rich
6 Which one is not a part of land reforms in India? Multiple-cropping scheme
7 The size of marginal landholding in India is – Less than 1 hectare
8 A farmer, which has land holding between 1 to 2 hectares is known as – Marginal Farmer
9 The average size of landholdings in Bihar in comparison with other States is – Second lowest
10 The most critical stage for irrigation in wheat is – C.R.I. stage
11 Which is the effective reason of slow agricultural development in India? Rural Poverty
12 The black soil of India is highly suited for the production of – Cotton crop
13 The substitution of steel for wooden ploughs in agricultural production is an example of – Capital-augmenting technological progress
14 The share of agriculture and allied sectors in the Gross Domestic Product of India is – 15 percent
15 Share of agriculture in National income of India is around – 30 %
16 The contribution of agriculture in Indian Economy is – Decreasing
17 Since the advent of the Planning era in India, the share of the agriculture sector in GDP has – Continued to decline
18 Which one State has the largest area under Soybean cultivation? Madhya Pradesh
19 The net crop sown area in India is about – 14 crore hectares
20 The average cropping intensity of India is about – 135 percent
21 In which year foodgrain production had a negative growth rate? 2004-05
22 Under which Five Year Plan, did agriculture register a negative growth? Third
23 According to the report of CAG published in the year 2000 on PDS, the government subsidy on foodgrains increased from1992-93 to 1998-99 by – More than three times
24 Which of the largest vegetable-producing countries in the world? China
25 ‘Kashi Lalima’ is the variety of which of the crops? Okra/Ladyfinger
26 Which State ensures the maximum production of Coffee in India? Karnataka
27 Which one of the agricultural products fetches the largest foreign exchange for the country from its exports? Rice
28 Niger crops is an oil seed crop. What is the content of oil in its seeds? 37 – 47%
29 The leading mulberry silk-producing Indian State is – Karnataka
30 Which is the largest silk producer in the world, is – China
31 What is the reason for low productivity in Indian agriculture? Co-operative farming
32 Agriculture income tax in India can be levied by – State Governments
33 India’s main agricultural import item is – Edible oil
34 Preferred variety of Mango for export is – Alphonso
35 In Uttar Pradesh maximum percentage of workers are engaged in – Agriculture sector
36 What approximate percentage of India’s labour force at present depends on agriculture for their livelihood? 65%
37 The main objective of Vishesh Krishi and Gram Udyog Yojna is – Promotion of agricultural export
38 Kissan Bahi Yojana was started in Uttar Pradesh in – 1992
39 P. Sengupta and G. Sdasyuk (1968) had divided India into how many micro agricultural regions? 60
40 For the 8th Plan, India was divided into how many agro-climatic zones by the Planning Commission? 15
41 National Horticulture Mission was launched in which of the Five Year Plans ? Ninth Five Year Plan
42 When was the National Horticulture Mission started? May, 2005
43 Which of the States is covered under the National Horticulture Mission (NHM)? Uttar Pradesh
44 Which one of the is not the objectives of the ‘National Horticulture Mission’? Providing financial assistance
45 Krishi Shramik Samajik Suraksha Yojna provides – Benefits of pension and insurance
46 Which of the is not an objective of the National Food Security Mission (NFSM)? Strengthening credit facilities
47 The National Food Security Mission in India has become effective with effect from – Rabi Season 2007-08
48 Under which law, the State Food Commission is established? National Food Security Act, 2013
49 The most important fish industry in India is – At natural inland
50 Which of the countries is the largest producer of fish in the world? China
51 The ‘blue revolution’ is related with – Fish production
52 Black revolution is related to the – Crude oil production
53 ‘Yellow Revolution’ is related to – Rapeseed-mustard production
54 The Father of the Green Revolution in the World is – Norman E. Borlaug
55 Indian Green Revolution started from – Pantnagar
56 Who was the person not associated with the green revolution when its started in India? Rafi Ahmed Kidwai
57 Which one of the most appropriately describes the nature of the Green Revolution of the late sixties of the 20th century? Seed-fertilizer-Water technology
58 The reason for increase in price of foodgrains distributed through public distribution system is to – Lesson the burden of subsidy involved in the scheme
59 Operation Flood is related to – Milk production
60 Which States of India have derived maximum benefits from green revolution? Punjab, Haryana & Western U.P.
61 The Second Green Revolution proposed by the Prime Minister does not include – Encourage foreign direct investment in agriculture
62 Which one of the agriculture practices is eco-friendly? Organic farming
63 Crop Insurance Scheme in India was started in – 1985
64 National Agricultural Insurance Scheme replacing A comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme was introduced in the year – 1999
65 Hariyali Yojana is related to – Water Management
66 ‘Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana’ is related to – Thrust in export of agricultural products
67 ‘Rashtriya Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojna’ is mainly concerned with – Exportable agricultural produce
68 The objective of the PM-KUSUM Scheme is –
To remove farmers’ dependence on diesel and kerosene and to link pump sets to solar energy
69 Handbook of Agriculture is published by – I.C.A.R.
70 U.P. Council of Agricultural Research is located at – Lucknow
71 NAFED is mainly connected with – Agricultural marketing
72 The apex organization for marketing cooperatives at the national level is – NAFED
73 Which of the agencies is not engaged in exporting agricultural goods from India? IFFCO
74 In India markets in agricultural products are regulated under the –
The Agricultural Produce Market Committee Act enacted by States
75 Golden rice has been made richer in – Vitamin A
76 The demand of agricultural products is found to be – Inelastic
77 First Agricultural University in India was established at – Pantnagar
78 Indian Institute of Vegetable Research is located at – Varanasi
79 Central Food Technological Research Institute is located at – Mysore
80 The National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM) is located at – Hyderabad
81 Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute is located at – Jhansi
82 The Headquarters of the International Potato Centre (CIP) is situated in – Lima, Peru
83 Which of the States ‘Neeru-Meeru water harvesting programmes was launched in 2000? Andhra Pradesh
84 Which of the organizations approves the Fair and Remunerative Price (F.R.P.) of the sugarcane? Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
85 The economic cost of foodgrains to the Food Corporation of India is Minimum Support Price and bonus (if any) paid to the farmers plus – Procurement incidentals and distribution cost
86 Who determines the minimum support price in India? The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
87 The Agricultural Prices Commission (APC) was set up in the year – 1965
88 Minimum Support Price is decided by – CACP
89 Who recommends supporting price of the wheat? Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
90 The price at which the Government purchases foodgrains is – Procurement Price
91 Which One does not contribute to the rural economy? Practice of lending personal money
92 Long-term agricultural credit is provided by – Land Development Bank
93 Which is the largest source of agricultural credit in India in recent years? Commercial Banks
94 Which is providing the least institutional credit to agriculture and allied activities in recent years? Foreign Private Banks
95 Kisan Credit Card Scheme was announced in the year – 1998-99
96 The New Package for Agriculture announced by the UPA Government does not provide – Concession in loan payment
97 Government of India has taken a decision to set up a Price Stabilisation Fund for the growers of – Coffee and Tea