Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries (Madhya Pradesh)– Old Year Questions and Answers

1. Kanha Kisli is famous for what?

(a) National Park
(b) National sanctuary
(c) Park and Sanctuary
(d) None of these

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1992]


2. Which was the first National Park of M.P. to be included in Project Tiger?

(a) Sanjay Sanctuary
(b) Bandhavgarh
(c) Madhav National Park
(d) Kanha-Kisli

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2004]


3. Which area of Madhya Pradesh is known for white tigers?

(a) Malwa
(b) Chhattisgarh
(c) Baghelkhand
(d) None of these

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1995]


4. Which area of Madhya Pradesh is known for white tigers?

(a) Rohilkhand
(b) Baghelkhand
(c) Malwa
(d) Nimar

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2014]


5. Which is called the ‘Tiger State’?

(a) Rajasthan
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Jammu and Kashmir

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2000]


6. Crocodiles and Gharial are being protected in –

(a) Narmada and Tapti rivers
(b) Mahanadi and Tapti rivers
(c) Wainganga and Pench rivers
(d) Chambal and Son rivers

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1996]


7. In which district of Madhya Pradesh is Madhav National Park?

(a) Mandla
(b) Gwalior
(c) Shivpuri
(d) Shahdol

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1990]


8. Fossil National Park of Madhya Pradesh is located at –

(a) Sidhi
(b) Mandla
(c) Shivpuri
(d) Khandwa

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2014]


9. What percentage of the total forest area of Madhya Pradesh, Teak trees are found?

(a) About 15%
(b) About 20%
(c) About 25%
(d) About 30%

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2020]