Water Conservation One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The ‘World Water Day’ is celebrated on – 22 March
2 Which is not a biotic resource? Freshwater
3 In which years was constituted the ‘Central Ganga Authority’ by the Government of India? 1985
4 In the Union Budget, 2014 the Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission has been called as – Namami Gange Programme
5 National Ganga River Basin Authority has been constituted in – 20th Feb, 2009
6 Who environmentalists is known by the name of ‘Jal Purush’? Dr. Rajendra Singh
7 Which gas is used for purification of drinking water? Chlorine
8 In which year was the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Act enforced? 1974
9 In which year Central Water Commission established “Irrigation Research and Management Organization”? 1984
10 The arsenic contamination of drinking water is highest in – West Bengal
11 Greenwash refers to –
Making false promises of protecting the environment
12 The Yamuna Action Plan was formally launched in – 1993