The Straits One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Malacca Strait facilitates movement from – Indian Ocean to China Sea
2 Strait of Hormuz lies between – Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman
3 The strait that separates Asia from North America is – Bering Strait
4 The strait connecting the Arctic and Pacific Oceans is – Bering
5 Ten Degree Channel separates – Andaman from Nicobar Islands
6 Through which straits does a tunnel connect the United Kingdom and France? Strait of Dover
7 Lombok Strait is located between which two islands? Bali and Lombok
8 Strait of Dover connects – The English Channel and the North Sea
9 The Palk Bay lies between – Gulf of Mannar and Bay of Bengal
10 The Persian Gulf does not form the border with – Oman
11 Which strait connects the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean? Bab-el-Mandeb