The Planning Commission / NITI AAYOG One Liner Questions & Answers

Question Answer
1 The Planning Commission has been abolished by which Prime Minister? Narendra Modi
2 When was the Planning Commission established? 15th March, 1950
3 NITI Ayog was established in India in January 2015 by – Union Cabinet passing a special resolution
4 Who was the first Vice-Chairman of the NITI Ayog? Arvind Panagariya
5 Who had suggested a merger of the Finance and Planning Commission? M.V. Mathur
6 Who was the First Chairman of the Planning Commission of India? Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
7 The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission is equivalent to – Cabinet Minister
8 National Development Council is primarily related to – Approval of five-year plans
9 Who acts as the Secretary of the National Development Council (NDC)? Secretary, Planning Commission
10 Who presides over the meetings of the National Development Council of India? Prime Minister of India
11 When was the National Development Council formed in India? 6th August, 1952