The Parliament (1) One Liner Questions & Answers


                                                      Question Answer
1 What is the minimum age laid down for a person to seek election to the Lok Sabha? 25 Years
2 For election to the Lok Sabha, a nomination paper can be filed by –
Any citizen of India whose name appears in the electoral roll of a constituency
3 The state-wise allocation of seats in Lok Sabha is based on the 1971 Census. Up to which year does this remain intact? 2026
4 The maximum strength of Lok Sabha as stipulated in the Constitution of India is – 552
5 The Strength of the Lok Sabha was increased from 525 to 545 through which Amendment? 31st
6 According to Article 82 of the Constitution of India, the allocation of seats in Lok Sabha to the states is on the basis of which Census? 1971
7 The state-wise seat allocation in Lok Sabha is based on – Population
8 Which states have no reservation for SC and ST in Lok Sabha? Arunachal Pradesh & Jammu & Kashmir
9 Which State has the highest number of reserved seats for the Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha? Madhya Pradesh
10 How many seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes in the Lok Sabha? 84
11 Who holds the power to appoint the nominees from the Anglo-Indian Community in the Lok Sabha? President of India
12 In which Article of the Constitution of India was the provision for reservation of scheduled castes in the Lok Sabha made? Article 330
13 Which Constitutional Amendment is related to raising the number of Members of Lok Sabha to be elected from the States? 7th and 31st
14 Session of Lok Sabha is called for at least – Two times in a year
15 What is the quorum of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha? 1/10 of the total membership
16 The maximum number of members in Lok Sabha can be – 550
17 In the General Elections 2009, an election for 543 Lok Sabha Constituencies was held. Out of these, how many Lok Sabha constituencies are from the States? 530
18 The Union Territories get representation in – Both Houses of Parliament
19 What can be the maximum representation from the Union Territories to the Lok Sabha? 20
20 Who is authorized to prorogue the session of the House of the People? President
21 The tenure of which Lok Sabha was about 6 years? 5th Lok Sabha
22 In India which State has the largest representation in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha? Uttar Pradesh
23 After Uttar Pradesh, the highest number of Lok Sabha seats have been allotted to – Maharashtra
24 How many Lok Sabha seats are allocated to the State of Rajasthan? 25
25 After delimitation, the largest Lok Sabha Constituency in terms of the number of voters in U.P. is – Unnao
26 When did the first General Election of Lok Sabha was held? 1952
27 The 9th Lok Sabha was dissolved on – 13 March,1991
28 The election for the 12th Lok Sabha of India was held in – February, 1998
29 Who is the leader of the Lok Sabha? Prime Minister
30 Which is the largest (area-wise) Lok Sabha Constituency? Ladakh Lok Sabha Constituency
31 A seat of an M.P. can be declared vacant if he absents himself from the house for a continuous period of – Two Months
32 The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected by – All members of the Lok Sabha
33 Who doesn’t take the oath of office? Speaker
34 Who does the Speaker of the Lok Sabha submit his resignation to? The Deputy Speaker
35 How can the speaker of the Lok Sabha be removed?
By a resolution of the Lok Sabha passed by a majority of all the members of the House
36 Who is generally appointed as a Protem Speaker?
One of the senior members of the newly elected Lok Sabha
37 The function of the protem Speaker is to – Administer oath to members
38 The Speaker of the Lok Sabha makes use of his casting vote only – In case of a tie when votes are equally divided
39 Which Article of the Constitution provides that the Speaker shall have and exercise a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes? Article 100
40 Who was the First Speaker of Lok Sabha? Mavalankar
41 The first Speaker against whom a Motion of No-confidence was moved in the Lok Sabha was – G.V. Mavalankar
42 Who was the First Female Speaker of Lok Sabha? Meira Kumar
43 Who was the First Tribal Speaker of Lok Sabha? P.A. Sangama
44 The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the direct control of the – Speaker of the Lok Sabha
45 The Attorney General of India is appointed by? The President of India
46 At which stage general discussion on a Bill take place in the Lok Sabha? During the second reading
47 The Money Bill is defined in which Article of the Constitution of India? Article 110