The Earth One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Correct Latitudinal position of a place that could be possible is – 450 South
2 Which of the following is not a great circle on the globe – 600 North latitude
3 Zero–degree latitude and zero degree longitude lies in the – Atlantic Ocean
4 Point of intersection of the Equator and the Prime Meridian is located at – Atlantic Ocean
5 A plane starts flying from 300 northern latitude and 500 eastern longitude and lands at the opposite end of the earth, where will it land – 300 Southern latitude, 1300 Western longitude
6 Among the following cities which one lies in the farthest North? Rome
7 The country which has the longest north–south (latitudinal) extension of its territory is – Chile
8 The time at Cairo is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich. Hence, it is located at – 30° E longitude
9 When it is noon along 820 30’ E longitude along what degree of longitude it will be 6.30 a.m.? At 00 East or West
10 If the difference of longitudes for the two places is 900,the time interval between these places will be – 6 hr
11 Which one of the following longitudes along with the Prime Meridian forms a great circle on the globe – 180°
12 In the New Millennium, the first ray of the Sun was seen in which of the following Meridians of India – 930 30’E
13 The basis of deciding the standard time of any place is – Prime Meridian
14 The Prime Meridian does not pass through – Niger
15 International Date Line passes through – Pacific Ocean
16 There is no minimum distance between two places on the globe – International Date Line
17 If the earth’s direction of rotation is reversed, what should be the IST when it is noon at the International Date Line? 06.30 hrs
18 Which one of the following Straits is nearest to the International Date Line? Bering Strait
19 Which path must be followed by a Ship to move from one place to another in the least time – Meridian
20 The local time of a place is 6.00 AM when the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is 3:00 AM, what is the longitude of the place? 45° East
21 The total length of Earth’s equator is about – 40,000 km
22 Through which, one of the following groups of countries does the Equator pass? Colombia, Kenya and Indonesia
23 The Equator does not pass through which of the following countries? Mexico
24 The equator passes through – Kenya
25 The latitude at which the annual Range of Temperature remains minimum is – Equator
26 Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), a lowpressure zone, is located – at the equator
27 The Equator, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, all three pass through which one of the following Continents? Africa
28 At the Winter Solstice the noon altitude of the Sun at the Tropic of Cancer is – 43.0°
29 The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through – Iran
30 Tropic of Capricorn does not pass through – Bolivia
31 On which date day and night of equal duration? 23 September
32 Equinox, the two periods in the year when day and night are equal, occurs on – 21 March and 23 September
33 Where are day and night equal throughout the year? Equator
34 At the time of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere the length of the day will be 12 hours at the – Equator
35 The shortest day of the year in Northern hemisphere is on – 22 December
36 Which of the following is the longest day of the year? 21 June
37 The Longest day in the southern Hemisphere is – 22 December
38 Summer Solstice occurs every year on – 21 June
39 On 21st June, the Sun – does not set below the horizon at the Arctic Circle
40 On which of the following dates your shadow at noon is the smallest? June 21
41 Who is the scholars has suggested that the Earth has originated from the gases and the dust particles – O. Schmidt
42 Which of the following Method is used to determine the age of the Earth – Uranium dating
43 The Great Ice Age is related to – Pleistocene
44 What was the period of the Dinosaurs? Eighteen crores years ago
45 Continents have drifted apart because of – Tectonic activities
46 Cocos Plate the between – Central America and Pacific Plate
47 On the earth, originally, there was only one huge landmass which is known as – Pangea
48 Folding is the result of – Orogenic force