The Atmosphere One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The atmosphere is a mixture of several gases. Near the earth’s surface contains mainly – Nitrogen and oxygen
2 Which gas has a maximum percentage in the atmosphere? Nitrogen
3 In the vertical structure of the atmosphere, which one is the lowest layer? Troposphere
4 Most weather activity occurs in which the atmospheric layer – Troposphere
5 The stratosphere is said to be ideal for flying jet aircraft. This is because – The absence of clouds and other weather phenomena
6 The ozone layer lies in the – Stratosphere
7 Which protects life on Earth from the harmful radiations of the Sun? Ozone layer
8 The function of the ozone layer in the stratosphere is – To prevent ultraviolet radiation effect on the ground
9 The ozone layer refers to –
The layer of atmosphere of 15-20 km. above the surface of the Earth
10 The height of the ozone layer above the surface of the earth is – 15-20 km
11 Which layers of the atmosphere are responsible for the deflection of radio waves? Ionosphere
12 Wireless communication is reflected to the earth’s surface by – Ionosphere
13 Which layer of Atmosphere is used for Telecommunication? Ionosphere
14 In which atmospheric layer are communication satellites located? Exosphere