The Atlantic Declaration

Recently, the agreement “The Atlantic Declaration” was announced at a joint press conference in the East Room of the White House. It is a series of mini deals ooking artificial intelligence, critical minerals, clean energy and security.

About the Atlantic Declaration

  • Titled as: The Atlantic Declaration: A Framework for a Twenty-First Century US-UK Economic Partnership
  • Signed on: June 08, 2023
  • Signed Between: United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the United States (US) President Joe Biden
  • Signed at: White House, Washington
  • Aim of the Declaration: To adapt, reinforce, and reimagine the longstanding alliance between the two nations to effectively address the challenges of the current cra.

Historical Background

  • The core ideals of the UK-US relations can be traced back to the Atlantic Charter of 1941 which was signed by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.
  • This Charter set out their common goals for the post-war world and laid foundation for their “special relations”.
  • In June 2021, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Joe Biden signed what was called a “New Atlantic Charter” to deal with the emerging recent challenges.

Key Highlights

  • The leaders adopted an “Atlantic Declaration” to enhance industry ties in defense and renewable energy.
  • The pact aims to counter the threats posed by Russia, China, and economic instability.
  • This new economic declaration will work towards reducing strategic dependencies as well as to building resilient, secured, and diversified supply chains.