Simon Commission (1927) One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 When did the Simon Commission visit India? 1928
2 The people of India agitated against the arrival of the Simon Commission because – There was no Indian member of the Simon Commission
3 Simon Commission was appointed in – 1927
4 Simon Commission in 1928 came to India with the purpose – To consider Administrative reform
5 On whose suggestions were the Indians kept out of the Simon Commission? Lord Irwin
6 Lala Lajpat Rai was injured in which protest? In Lathi charge in protest to Simon Commission
7 To whom was the title of “Punjab Kesari” conferred? Lala Lajpat Rai
8 ‘Nehru Report’ was prepared by – M.L. Nehru
9 Who had demanded first the dominion status for India? Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru and Jaykar
10 In which session of the Muslim League, did M.A. Jinnah put forth his 14-point proposal? 1929
11 The radical wing of the Congress Party with Jawaharlal Nehru one of its main leaders founded the Independence for India League in opposition to – The Nehru Report
12 Who was the President of the ‘All Parties’ Conference held in February 1928? Dr. M.A. Ansari