Rivers of the World One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The largest river in the world in terms of drainage area is – Amazon
2 Which rivers cross the Equator twice? Zaire
3 Which river is the longest? Amazon
4 The longest river in South America – Amazon
5 Which countries are not under the drainage area of the Nile River – Chad
6 The Blue Nile River originates from – Lake Tana
7 Which rivers of Asia flow towards the south? Salween
8 The largest river in Asia is – Yangtze
9 Which lakes is located entirely within the United States? Michigan
10 Syr and Amu rivers fall into – Aral Sea
11 The river duo, which falls into the Black Sea area – Dnieper- Danube
12 River Volga falls into – Caspian Sea
13 Which river flows through a rift valley? Rhine
14 Which river of Africa crosses the Tropic of Capricorn twice? Limpopo
15 The country which provides the best example of radial drainage is – Sri Lanka
16 Mahaweli Ganga is a river of – Sri Lanka
17 The great Asian river the Mekong does not flow through – Malaysia
18 The glacial lake Itasca is the source of the river – Mississippi
19 At the mouth of which rivers the ‘bird’s foot’ type delta is formed? Mississippi