Revolutionary Activities Outside India One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answer
1 The Indian Home Rule Society in London was started by – Shyamji Krishna Verma
2 Shyamji Krishna Verma established the Indian Home Rule Society in – London
3 The ‘Indian Home Rule Society’ was founded in – 1905 A.D
4 Who was the founder of the ‘India House’ in London? Shyamji Krishnavarma
5 Who organized the Ghadar Party? Lala Hardayal
6 Ghadar Party was established in the year – 1913
7 Who was the leader of the Ghadar Party? Lala Hardayal
8 The Ghadar Movement was founded by – Sohan Singh Bhakhna
9 Where were the Ghadar revolutionaries, who became active during the outbreak of World War I based? West America
10 Ghadar Party was founded in – United States of America
11 In which of the following countries ‘’Ghadar Party’’ was founded – U.S.A
12 The Ghadr (Ghadar) was a –
Revolutionary Association of Indians with headquarters in San Francisco
13 The headquarters of the Ghadar Party was in – San Francisco
14 What was the cause of the outbreak of the Ghadar Revolution – Beginning of First World War
15 A provisional Government of India with Raja Mahendra Pratap as its President was established during the First World War in? Afghanistan
16 Who is regarded as the “Mother of Indian Revolution” – Bhikaji Rustam Cama
17 Who is regarded as “the Mother of Indian Revolution”? Madam Bhikhaji Rustam Cama
18 Where did Madam Cama hoist the first tricolor flag in 1907? Stuttgart
19 What was Kamagatamaru? A naval ship of Voyage to Canada
20 ‘’Kamagatamaru’’ is famous for – Being a Ship
21 Who had established the “India Independence League”? Rashbihari Bose