Regional States : Punjab and Mysore One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answer
1 The kingdom of Ranjit Singh included – Srinagar
2 To which Misl did Ranjeet Singh belong – Sukerchakia
3 The capital of the Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was – Lahore
4 At which place did Raja Ranjit Singh set up the Adalati-Ala? Lahore
5 Ranjeet Singh got the famous Kohinoor diamond from- Shah Shuja
6 Who has said, ‘God intended me to look upon all religions with one eye, that is why he took away the light from the other’? Maharaja Ranjit Singh
7 The successor of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was – Khadag Singh
8 Who was the last King of the Sikh empire? Duleep Singh
9 Who was not a member of the ‘Board of Three’ to administer the State of Punjab after its annexation? H.M. Elliot & Robert Montgomery
10 Who emerged victorious in the first Anglo-Mysore War (1766-69)? Haider Ali
11 Who established a modern armory in Dindigul Mysore in 1755? Haider Ali
12 British general who defeated/beat Hyder Ali in the War of Porto Novo – Sir Eyer Coote
13 Tipu Sultan set up his capital at – Srirangapatna
14 Who Indian ruler’s established embassies in foreign countries on modern lines? Tipu Sultan
15 Tipu Sultan defeated the British Army in 1780 at – Pollilur
16 Englishmen made the Treaty of Srirangpatnam with – Tipu Sultan
17 When did Tipu Sultan die at war with the British? 1799
18 Begum Samru constructed the most eminent church at – Sardhana