Polymer One Liner Questions & Answers


S.R. NO Questions Answers
1 Natural rubber is a polymer of – Isoprene
2 Cellulose and starch both are made up of – (+) – glucose
3 The most abundantly found organic compound in nature is – Cellulose
4 Which polymers are not biodegradable? PVC
5 Which gas is obtained from plastic? Polyethylene
6 Which polymer is used in making bullet-proof vests? Polyamides
7 Which polymers is used for making bullet-proof windows? Polycarbonates
8 A polymer used for making nonstick surface coating for utensils is – Teflon
9 What is Teflon? Fluorocarbon
10 Teflon is a polymer monomers? Tetrafluoroethylene
11 What is Bisphenol A (BPA)?
A chemical used for the development of food packaging materials
12 Phenol is used in the manufacture of which? Bakelite
13 The condensation of forms Bakelite – Phenol and formaldehyde