Political Scenario (Rajasthan)– Old Year Questions and Answers

1. Select the correct answer :
The State Election Commission of Rajasthan is

(a) an executive authority
(b) a unit of the Election Commission of India
(c) a statutory body
(d) a constitutional authority

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2016]


2. Under the Provisions of the Article 368(2) of the Constitution of India, if a bill comes to Rajasthan Legislative Assembly after passing by Parliament of India for resolution to rectify, then
(A) Resolution can be passed by Assembly

(B) Resolution can be rejected by Assembly
(C) No Amendment shall be proposed to such a resolution.
Select the correct answer using code given below:

(a) (A) only
(b) (B) and (C)
(c) (A) and (C)
(d) (A), (B) and (C)

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2018]


3. Which of the following statements are correct about Lokayukta in Rajasthan?
(A) He is appointed by the Governor and is responsible to the Legislative Assembly.
(B) His jurisdiction spans over Ministers, members of State Legislative Assembly and higher Civil Servants.
(C) He considers the cases of corruption and mal-administration.
(D) His job is confi ned to investigate allegations and not grievances.
Code :

(a) (A) and (C)
(b) (A) and (D)
(c) (A), (B) and (C)
(d) (A), (B), (C) and (D)

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


4. How many times elections have been held for Panchayati Raj Institutions in Rajasthan till 2015?

(a) 8 times
(b) 10 times
(c) 5 times
(d) 9 times

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2016]


5. In Rajasthan, a Gram Sabha consists of:

(a) Elected members of Village Panchayat
(b) The executive committee of the Village Panchayat.
(c) Registered voters of the village/villages in the Panchayat circle
(d) All residents of the village/villages in the Panchayat circle.

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2013]


6. In the first general election to the state Assembly of Rajasthan, the political party which secured a second highest number of seats after Congress was

(a) Hindu Mahasabha
(b) Bhratiya Jana Sangha
(c) Ramrajya Parishad
(d) Kisan Majdoor Praja Party

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2013]


7. The Delimitation Commission of 1952 determined the strength of the Rajasthan legislative assembly as –

(a) 160
(b) Three MLAs in each district
(c) 200
(d) 88

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2016]


8. How many times president’s rule has been imposed in the state of Rajasthan till 30th June 2016?

(a) 9 times
(b) 4 times
(c) 5 times
(d) 6 times

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2016]


9. For how many times President’s rule was promulgated in Rajasthan?

(a) 2
(b) 6
(c) 4
(d) 7

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2013]


10. As per the state election commission, in Urban local Bodies General election 2015, state polling percentage was

(a) 78.19%
(b) 75.19%
(c) 76.19%
(d) 77.19%

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2013]


11. In the history of Rajasthan legislative assembly till 30th June 2016, how many times the confi dence motion has been moved and discussed?

(a) Twice
(b) Four times
(c) once
(d) Three times

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2016]


12. At Panchayat level, who has been notified as Public Hearing officer for matters other than Revenue by Rajasthan Government?

(a) Gram Sevak
(b) Patwari
(c) Sarpanch
(d) Ward Panch

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2013]


13. Which of the following Act/Rule of Rajasthan has a provision of a joint meeting of Gram Sabha?

(a ) Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Act, 1994
(b) Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Rules, 1996
(c) Rajasthan Panchayati Raj (Modification of provisions in their application to the Scheduled Area) Act, 1999
(d) Rajasthan Panchayati Raj (Modification of provisions in their application to the Scheduled Areas) Rules, 2011

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2018]


14. Before the appointment of Shri Kalyan Singh as the governor of Rajasthan who among the following was the acting governor of the state?

(a) Ram Naresh Yadav
(b) Margaret Alva
(c) O.P. Kohli
(d) Ram Naik

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2016]


15. District heads were made the president of District Village authority on

(a) 26 January, 1998
(b) 15 August, 1998
(c) 26 January, 1999
(d) 30 January, 1999

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2016]


16. Rajasthan Jan Aadhar Authority Ordinance came into force on :

(a) 11 January, 2021
(b) 18 December, 2019
(c) 11 January, 2020
(d) 18 December, 2020

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


17. Who was made the Raj Pramukh of United Rajasthan which came into existence on 25th March 1948 ?

(a) Maharaja of Dholpur
(b) Maharaja of Karauli
(c) Maharao of Kota
(d) Maharaja of Sirohi

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2010]


18. The princely state annexed to united Rajasthan on 25 March, 1948 was

(a) Sirohi
(b) Bharatpur
(c) Pratapgarh
(d) Alwar

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1993]


19. Who was appointed as the Chief Minister of the United Rajasthan which was formed on 25th March, 1948?

(a) Heera Lal Shastri
(b) Jai Narayan Vyas
(c) Gokul Lal Asava
(d) Gokul Bhai Bhatt

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2013]


20. Who was the Prime Minister of Greater Rajasthan?

(a) Jai Narayan Vyas
(b) Gokulbhai Bhatt
(c) Heera Lal Shastri
(d) Manikya Lal Verma

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2007]


21. Which of the following Chief Ministers have not held the post of the leader of the Opposition in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly?
(a) Haridev Joshi

(b) Shivcharan Mathur
(c) Ashok Gehlot
(d) Vasundhara Raje
Select the correct answer using the code given below:


(1) (A), (B), and (C)
(2) (B) and (C)
(3) (C) and (D)
(4) (A) and (D)

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2018]


22. Match List-I and List-II and choose the correct answer from the code given below :
List-I List-II
(A) The Battle of Gagron (i) 1519 AD
(B) The Battle of Sarangpur (ii) 1544 AD
(C) The Battle of Summel (iii) 1437 AD
(D) The Battle of Saheba (iv) 1541-42 AD
Code :

(a) A-(i), B-(ii), C-(iii), D-(iv)
(b) A-(i), B-(iii), C-(ii), D-(iv)
(c) A-(ii), B-(iii), C-(iv), D-(i)
(d) A-(iv), B-(iii), C-(ii), D-(i)

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


23. The designation of ‘RAJPRAMUKH’ was renamed as ‘RAJYAPAL’ (Governor) in the year :

(a) 1947
(b) 1949
(c) 1950
(d) 1956

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2007]


24. After receiving a complaint against following office bearer/lokayukta, Rajasthan cannot make investigation against

(a) Pradhan and Up-pradhan of Panchayat Samities
(b) Chairman of the Sthyayi Samiti of Panchayat Samities
(c) Sarpanch and Panch
(d) Up-pramukh of Zila Parishad

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2018]


25. Rajasthan Public Service Commission presents its annual report to :

(a) Chairperson of the Vidhan Sabha
(b) The President of India
(c) The Governor of Rajasthan
(d) Chief Secretary

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


26. Which of the following statements are correct in context to Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission?
(A) It was constituted on 18, January, 1999 by notification issued by Government of Rajasthan
(B) The Commission became functional from March, 2000.
(C) Rajasthan Human Rights Commission is having one Chairperson and 3 members in accordance with the provision of the Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Act, 2006.
(D) One of its former Chairman’s has retired judge of Supreme Court of India.
Select the correct answer using code given below:

(a) (A), (B), & (C)
(b) (A), (B) & (D)
(c) (B), (C) & (D)
(d) (B) & (C)

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2018]


27. According to the provisions of the Rajasthan Municipal Act, 2009, the maximum number of persons that can be nominated by the State Government in the Municipal Council is :

(a) 10
(b) 12
(c) 8
(d) 6

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]