Plant Reproduction One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 To study meiosis in plants, the best part would be – Anthers
2 The practice of gootee in plants is used for the purpose of – For Vegetative Propagation
3 Clonal selection can be used in – Potato
4 Embryo is found in – Seeds
5 Plants are formed like parent plant from – Stem Cut
6 Stem cutting is done generally to grow – Sugarcane
7 The most important part of the plant in term of its life cycle is – Flower
8 Which of the three circumstances among these are most necessary in the germination of single seed plants? Water, proper temperature, oxygen
9 Which one is not required for the germination of seed? Light
10 Censer mechanism of dispersal of seeds is found in – Poppy
11 Transfer of pollen grains from the anther to stigma of another flower of the same plant is called – Geitonogamy
12 Seed that is changed every year is known as – Hybrid Seed
13 In a bisexual flower, if androecium and gynoecium mature at different times, the phenomenon is known as – Dichogamy